Special Episode from @WholeHeartedMedia & @houseofrajie Was this a Game-Changing Moment for Humanity? This was a polarizing incident and it seemed people were torn between their sense of loyalty and […]
On May 1, 2022, Aeon spoke to a live audience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the PDC Yes Event about Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda. She shares how […]
Are you getting messages that you need to release alcohol or other substances but have been struggling to do it? Do you see spirits or suspect entity attachments? If so, […]
With Special Guest Oracle Medicine Woman, Valentine Lovecraft Falcon (Part 3 of 4) Listen in to hear how Valentine was able to kick her drinking habit without rehab or AA […]
This is Part 2, (of 4) interviews Satya and Aeon had with Valentine Lovecraft Falcon where they dive into vulnerable territory and discuss topics most people would rather ignore. (Trigger […]
Valentine Lovecraft Falcon joins us in this special episode to discuss a topic most sexual abuse victims rarely speak about, the fear of becoming an abuser. She shares with us […]
Listen in to this frank episode where Satya and Aeon discuss how they have manifested their relationships. What’s on the list of qualities you want? Do you have a list? […]
How is 2022 affecting you? Do you feel you’re experiencing a repeat of another time in your life? Are old patterns coming up or old ways of being that are […]
In this episode, Amelía & Satya talk about the famous Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking case. (She was the accomplice to sex offender & pedophile, Jeffery Epstein). They focus on how […]
Happy New Year! We’re celebrating 3 years of producing this podcast! This is a HUGE accomplishment for us commitment-phobic ladies. The first year, Amelía hid this podcast from her students […]

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