Over the last 30 years, I’ve utilized my spiritual gifts in a number of capacities

Feel free to inquire about my unique services in the following capacity for a custom request.


I work with communities, groups, families, and teams providing an in-person or virtual workshop on The Synchronicity Method to tune groups to a higher level of peak flow states that foster deeper connection and activate dormant potential.  


Having facilitated over 50 transformational retreats around the world, I excel at creating massive shifts in consciousness in a short period of time for long-lasting results. If you have an upcoming retreat you’d like me to guide, or you want to experience a private VIP retreat with me (In-person or virtual) reach out, and let’s create alchemy together.


Do you have an audience you think would benefit from my wisdom? If so, I’d love to meet them! I’m on a mission to ground the innate wisdom of our human potential and wake up the super natural abilities that live within us in order to navigate massive change on the planet. If you’re looking for a deep and meaningful conversation that inspires your community, I’m your gal.


Our body stores the unresolved trauma and emotions that our conscious mind has yet to digest, let alone recognize. It lives inside us waiting for us to listen and respond. Energy needs assistance to move or else it gets stagnant and causes dis-ease. I’ve developed a meditative healing practice that is based on ancient principles which when practiced unlock tremendous energy in the body, revitalizing and healing.


For gifted children and those experiencing paranormal phenomena or strong extra-sensory perceptions, I work with young adults and their parents to eliminate fears and develop their self-mastery and leadership capacities. Ages 3 and up.


I’ve seeded 14 eco-community projects in India, Japan, and in the USA. I also consult for start-up communities. I specialize in designing the invisible structures that hold the community together like decision-making processes, conflict resolution, and community governance models – the glue. My community models are a mix of Permaculture, biodynamics, ancient wisdom, and spiritual farming practices. Click here to learn more.


For special occasions like a marriage, a birth, a death, rights of passage, a divorce, or a family reunion, and other important personal thresholds that you want to ceremonialize, I design unique, custom rituals and down-to-earth ceremonies based on your specific requests and spiritual beliefs to ensure a powerful and clear intention and sacred space holding for these important life-changing occasions.


I assist people in hospice in the conscious departing of their earthly body and make contact with souls on the other side. I work with the families of those in hospice care to help the transition to clear up loose energetic ends, and regrets, and process deep grief. I support family members to stay fully present during a powerful life-changing moment in order to experience the beauty and magic of the death gateway. I offer beyond-the-grave communication and mediumship when needed. 

Let’s talk and see what’s next for you …


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