In this episode Amelía and Satya discuss the Shakti energy and the devine feminine and how the energy rises. They also discuss how shame keeps us from living up to […]
In this episode prepare yourself for a true story that happened to Amelía. This one goes into the subject of consent and the horrors and feelings of being taken advantage […]
In this episode Amelia and Satya discuss what a world would be like with sovereign souls who can express their energy and be masculine or feminine without toxic shame or […]
In this episode Amelia and Satya discuss how the parasite and dark forces replicate themselves. They also discuss where they live in our every day lives. Satya describes an experience […]
In this episode, Satya asks Amelia about her experience with tantra and what it was like. Amelia describes a very detailed and informative description of her experience and what it […]
In this episode Amelia And Satya discuss an interesting and scary event that happened to Amelia as she views into the spiritual realm to discover a parasite like being that […]
In this episode Amelia and Satya Introduce themselves and discuss what the show is going to be about. They also discuss Toxic Shame and more. If you are looking to […]

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