UNWIND is an energetic moving meditation practice developed by Aeon Karris (aka Amelía). It is a combination of ancient Egyptian, Shamanic, and Tantric healing modalities mixed with Quantum Physics, Modern Dance, and Guided Meditation to help you embody your soul and clear blockages in your body.

It is done blindfolded or with eyes closed on a yoga mat to a musical soundscape.

During this process you can awaken your own DMT experience in your body without taking substances.

Aeon share’s this powerful shamanic practice with you so you can make contact with your soul essence and experience your own transcendental nature and potential.

You will recover lost soul fragments, release toxic shame & deep seated grief, have past life memories return and learn how to embody your soul.

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It invites you to connect to your divine intelligent wisdom in a very accessible way.

- James

“One of the most powerful forms of meditation and shamanism I’ve ever experienced.”

- Julia

The experience is almost indescribable. You receive divine & celestial downloads.

- Ruth

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