Have you ever thought about why alcohol is called spirits? Have you ever been around someone drinking or taking other substances and they seem like a completely different person? Can […]
Is it possible for a soul to inhabit or become trapped in a living person? If so, how do they get there and how do we remove them? Sound too […]
Have you ever seen a trapped soul in a rock or a tree? It sounds wild, but it’s more common than you think. If you see them and want to […]
Where do our loved ones go after death? Is it possible for them to become trapped souls? And how does the coming and going of souls in a family system […]
Why is the topic of death so avoided in our culture? Is there a right or wrong way to feel about a person’s passing? Especially a loved one? What if […]
What are you desiring from your relationships but not getting? What are you getting over and over again in your relationships but not wanting? Dr. Ken Harris Says, “Whatever you […]
Marriage and relationships. In our current day and age, what is their relevance, what makes them work, and what keeps them alive and healthy? Amelía and Satya are joined by […]
Are you someone who likes to keep your ex’s close? Or do you feel it’s healthier to move on after you’ve broken it off? Listen in as Amelía and Satya […]
Have you lost hope this last year or suddenly realized you are depressed? This episode was recorded a few days after Amelía returned from hosting her transformational retreat in July. […]
One of our cherished listeners, Darlene asked us to speak about life & love after an assault. In this candid episode, Amelía & Satya dive into this heavy topic to […]

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