There’s potential inside of you waiting to be awakened.

I’m here to ignite that.

My healing abilities and clear vision were forged during a series of shamanic initiations over a nine-year period that honed my multi-sensory awareness and crystallized my gifts. I merge these spiritual gifts with 27 years of business consulting.

Working with me privately, you will be immersed in an energetic alchemical container where you will be supported and guided to master your energy & awaken your potency. Together we will clear away the negative patterns & blocks keeping you from your brilliance.

Are you ready to level up?


My monthly strategy sessions are designed to help you get multi-dimensional and find the clarity you need to create alignment in your business & life. 

With precision coaching and intuitive multi-sensory viewing, I assist my clients to:

∞ Take the next step towards business & life goals
∞ Untangle messy relationship dynamics
∞ Uncover raw power 
∞ Master your soul gifts
∞ Make sense of paranormal happenings & spiritual awakenings

I’m only able to accept one new client per month. If you’re interested in working with me, please book a discovery call so we can find out if we’re a good fit. 



These are therapeutic sessions for going deep into the unconscious body and healing wounds of the soul – at the root level. 

Soul Dives bring up mysterious, hidden memory which once re-membered allow you to anchor your authentic presence and embody your life’s purpose.

Soul Dives will completely transform your relationships and bring you into authentic presence.

This work happens at the pace of the soul’s development going at the rate and pace in which the soul is able to integrate and complete each phase of growth. You will experience quantum leaps in your personal growth. 

These sessions are cathartic in nature and best held towards the end of the day or on a quiet day of reflection.

Soul Dive Sessions are only provided in a series of three, over a three-month period, to ensure completion of a soul-growth cycle.

Before working together in this way, let’s talk and ensure we are a good fit to proceed.


1-1 Mentorship

If you’re at that point where it’s become a “do-or-die” moment, to either “heed the call” or let go and give up on your brilliance… and you decide you’re ready to go ALL IN, than I’m ready to support you! 

Over the course of 6 Months I will guide you on how to: 

∞ Uncover your life purpose

∞ Activate your full potential & innate gifts

∞ Turn your pain into your super power

∞ Create a profitable business framework for your unique gifts to shine

Curious to know more? Let’s talk and find out if we’re a good match for mentorship.

Let’s talk and see what’s next for you …

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