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Was this a Game-Changing Moment for Humanity?

This was a polarizing incident and it seemed people were torn between their sense of loyalty and what they were feeling on a visceral level. WholeHearted Media seeks to be a ‘common place’ where we can explore stories through what is arising in our inner landscape. It strives to be transparent about our intentions by holding a judgment-free container. We realized this incident sparked a much bigger conversation that needed to happen and for that, we can thank the Dalai Lama for revealing something.

Eastern and Western cultures were getting more of a glimpse into each other while serving as a reminder that as humans, we ALL have a shadow and a light side.

If you were touched in any way by this segment and want to share anything regarding this conversation, you are invited to an open Zoom call. Rajie, Aeon, and a couple of guests will be discussing in a round table format.


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