The New Moon is in Gemini on Monday, June 3rd @ 3:02 AM PDT / 6:02 EDT.

The new energy this Gemini moon cycle brings is helping us merge with our shadow nature to embrace the totality of our being. It is such an exciting energy, but it can confuse those who aren’t ready to do this or are fixed in their state of mind.

Most of us are used to being judgemental, stuck in our ideas of what is right and wrong, always censoring our words and instincts to keep the “so-called peace”. Basically, we’ve been living as a bunch of liars, told that this is the correct and civilized way to live!

Meanwhile, we have cut off our primal and instinctual nature which is the vital part of us that governs our inner knowing! It is time to recalibrate!

What I am loving about this new moon is the permission it brings us. The feeling of unconditional love is flowing onto the planet so we can get over our hyper-judgemental attitudes and control freak natures, and simply embrace our totality!

The Gemini energy reminds us of the duality we carry within us, commonly referred to as the Yin and Yang, the Masculine and Feminine, the Light and Dark, the Jekyll and Hyde.

You are the way you are because of your shadow, because of all the things you have survived. The difficult emotions you have had to wade through and the shit storms you yourself have created for others.

What if you could forgive yourself? What if you could forgive those who hurt you?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and write down your answers to get the most out of this mega new moon energy wave:

  1. What about yourself are you hiding away, pretending doesn’t exist? It might be your secret fantasy, the thing you feel ashamed of doing, or something you do when no one is looking.
  2. Have you been numbing out with alcohol, substances, sex, TV, over socializing, or overworking? Take a moment to notice, what part of you are you abandoning or avoiding altogether when you do this?
  3. What if you accepted these shamed parts of you? Just decide for a moment that it’s perfectly okay to be the way you are. Can you embrace this part of you like a loving mother would her own wounded child?
  4. Consider that those parts of you that you have hidden away contain your most potent gift. What would it feel like to discover your unique potential? What if your deepest pain and the darkest part of yourself is the seed of your greatest potential?

Cross your arms across your chest and give yourself a loving squeeze. Just hold yourself for five minutes. (In case you are feeling silly doing this, just know that anyone who can see you right now will just assume you are in deep contemplations. Only you and I will know that you are secretly loving yourself back into your totality.) ;p

None of us have the “perfect life” we have the life we were given and the one we create from what we were dealt with. If you find yourself envious of others, looking around constantly comparing yourself, please do yourself (and all of us), a big fat favor – and stop it!

Stop comparing yourself against your own judgements of who you ought to be, or feel you should be! Start accepting yourself as you are.

Fun fact, this moon has a lot of mojo behind it. Big potential for deeper love, more money and greater success… so get ready to bathe yourself in love.

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Shine in your totality!


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