A Spiritual Dojo for Truth Seekers.
A 9-week, self- paced foundational Mystery School course to guide you for the rest of your life and beyond!


This is not a time to hide, or play small, or imagine someone is coming to save you. if you think someone can "fix" you - stop reading now!

This timeless course is for truth seekers who are ready to take radical responsibility for their lives.

Not everything spiritual is unicorns and butterflies... Waking up to the truth of who you are and what you are here to do can be downright terrifying.



Think of me as your trusted friend who’s "been there and done that".

I'm here to activate the next wave of souls ready to embody their innate abilities.

I'd be honored to assist you on your journey!

A New Paradigm is Emerging.
Unplug from Energetic Parasites.
Reclaim Your
Divine Inheritance.

Magnetize Your
Soul Group.


If you're a truth-seeker, you may have woke up to your spiritual abilities without guidance and seemingly by happenstance, or through synchronistic encounters. 

Have you opened spiritual doors and felt afraid? 

It provides the foundational energetic tools you need to awaken and understand your spiritual gifts safely.

You can slow down or speed up the course and start over again and again for optimal results.


You are so much more than your body, your personality, your job title, how much $$ you make, or your relationship status–or even your bloodline! You have a soul lineage that is timeless and incomprehensible to your limited mental perceptions. 

Stop allowing yourself to be bullied and silenced into submission. It's time to develop your innate abilities and step into the ring and master your challenges! 

I see your potential and I will help you awaken to your mastery through my online activations and awareness practices.

We live in a programmed construct that isn't what it seems. Our life challenges are really gifts that help us develop our inner strength and abilities to move beyond them.

It's time to shatter your illusions! I will show you how.

If you are yielding to others, feeling silenced, trapped, enslaved to someone or something, this course is vital for you.  

Are you ready to break limiting beliefs & access your sleeping potential?

This course will awaken your personal power with integrity and compassion.


By joining the Mystery School, you'll become a part of an international soulful tribe of sovereign, spiritual warriors walking alongside you.

Are you tired of being a lone wolf?

The students in the school form a team around you of experienced and awakened peeps on standby to lend a hand and watch your back!! 

Feeling connected to others on your spiritual journey is priceless and critical for your sanity.

Our tribe is strong, resilient, very skilled, and super resourceful. Your journey to reclaim your sovereignty will be supported in a grounded, magical, and synchronistic way.

You can thank me later! 


“I joined the school because I got super activated through Amelía’s book, Synchronicity.  I was searching for Truth. I feel like I am finally on a path of real, unmistakable Truth. I thought I had a deep understanding of the realities of this world. I didn't. Pretty sure I still don't, but certain I know a little more.

I appreciated the at your pace structure of the course. I have experienced deep soul knowing with a wonderful friend. I have experienced magical adventures through dimension and reality. 

If you are thinking to join the school, satisfy your thirst for truth. Truth of self, life and purpose."
- Gavin

"I had a feeling that there was so much more to life, I had a lack of purpose, a lack of connection, and an improper use of my energy.  

The activations are definitely amazing, always... all the material is incredibly helpful.  Now my life is a LOT more magical….I have so many synchronicities… there is so much outside of 3D to explore, and so much more meaning.

 If you are looking for a connection to your own purpose and gifts, and tools to integrate them into your life, this is the place for you."  

"I joined the Mystery School because I wanted to find out the truth of my soul mission and make a shift in my life. I touched the bit of truth before joining but I wanted to know more of who I am and make a change in my life.

 I learned a lot, especially the basic principles which will stay with me forever. Also, I learned how intention and motivation check is important.

It is not easy to find a genuine teacher like Amelía. I am continuously growing with the foundations that I learned from mystery school.  I would tell those who are considering the school to go to Amelía's mystery school first before any other school and get the proper foundation.”
- Emi  

"Amelía’s course was more helpful than anything I'd done for the decade prior.  

Now I have an almost daily meditation practice.. I love that I can go through the course over and over at my own pace. I also loved that there is some face to face contact with the group once a month.  Now I have a greater sense of ease with myself, and my mood is SO MUCH BETTER. My anxiety levels are more manageable as well.

For those of you thinking to join, be prepared for the unexpected; I had experiences with a couple of the meditations that I were both exciting and unnerving, but opened me up to helpful new directions."
- Emily


I'm Amelía (pronounced ah-maa-leeh-yuh). Since childhood. I've had countless encounters with ET's, UFO's, ghosts, and inter-dimensional beings. I've been guided by an unseen hand of unconditional love, escaping death and entrapment, time and again. 

I have survived and healed from cult indoctrination, sexual assault, multiple death attempts, government targeting, underground movements, and secret developmental projects, to name just a few of my personal triumphs. I've worked alongside powerful leaders in the USA, Japan and in India. I've been trained by adept shamans, mystics and yogis, and have activated my own abilities to track distortions in the field, awaken other's soul memory, and navigate multiple dimensions of reality.

Immediately following a spontaneous activation, at the age of 21, I co-founded one of the first Web Design companies in the world. Seemingly overnight, I became an Internet expert specializing in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, before most people had even heard of email. 
After experiencing the death of my father and spiritual teacher (along with seven other deaths that same year), my life took another radical shift when all of my siddhis (yogic powers) awoke simultaneously. Nine-years of intense shamanic initiations followed, conditioning me to tune my kundalini energy and embody my spirit. I now share my spiritual discoveries to help others return to love.

Read More Here

"The Mystery School opened wide the doorway to my spiritual evolution, and it provided me with the support and guidance that I needed to get through the passing of my mother and its aftermath. 

The Mystery School can help you no matter what challenge you are facing in your life. It can help you to become the next best version of yourself."
-Paula M.

This is a 9-Week Course delivered online via our Private Students Only Portal via video, audio and PDF worksheets.
Every week Email Reminders will be sent to you to keep you on track and moving forward and a provenly effective pace. You can pause, restart, or speed up the course at will. 
Each Lesson comes with Energetically Encoded Recorded Activations to Awaken Your Soul Essence and help you Take Back Your Power. 
Each lesson comes with PDF worksheets. You will learn Powerful Daily Practices to slide into your life for Miraculous Results.
You will be Guided in Deep Soul Work for deeper integration and tracking your process. 
You will receive LIVE monthly group coaching with me via one-hour video Conferencing sessions for an ENTIRE YEAR! (You can extend your yearly access for a nominal fee.)
Meet, Interact, and get the Support you need with other Students in our Private FB Forum, or during the Monthly Live Office Hours. 
As a student of the KTS Mystery School you will receive special discounts and private offers to my in-person retreats and special event offerings. 

You will receive lifetime access to all of the course material via our private (members only) student portal, viewable on all devices.  I call this a "timeless course" because you can do it whenever you please and go as slow or as fast as you want to. You also have lifetime access. If you want to go at a steady and consistent pace it is dripped out with email reminders over a 9-week period. You will be able to access the student portal at any time of day in order to study at your own pace, revisiting the coursework anytime you wish. 

The audios, videos, worksheets, and guided activations are designed for ALL levels of spiritual seekers, from a beginner just embarking on their path, to a seasoned meditator and gifted healer - I got you! I see you!


With each lesson you will be prompted to keep a soul journal of your experiences. A fun PDF workbook with beautifully illustrated diagrams and explanations will help you follow along and integrate the lessons quickly.

Of course you need to trust me to be your guide. I know that is not a small request.  What’s most important is that you trust yourself! Are you ready? As a wise woman once told me,
"Your Foundation must be Strong Enough to Embrace your Destiny."  

This course was designed to help you do just that. Let me guide you into a grounded reality of your own souls design!

Who is this for & not for?

I only work with truth seekers and spiritual warriors who are ready to take full responsibility for their life and activate their innate abilities. If you consider yourself a rebel, a misfit, or an entrepreneur and are tired of your old stories that keep you small and you are ready to embrace a love bigger than what you thought was possible – I will be happy to guide you to your Self Mastery.

The Mystery School is designed for people who know the answers live within – you just need some guidance, connection, confirmation and clear direction in your ability to listen and discover them. I excel working with people who have lost their voice, who have had a near death experience, a spontaneous kundalini awakening, or are survivors of disturbing atrocities. I only work with students directly who's soul's are in alignment with my own soul's mission. (This course is a pre-requisite for private mentoring and further studies.)

This course is NOT for anyone who feels entitled to spiritual powers or wants someone to 'fix' them. If you are looking for someone to save you, or do the hard work for you, or to take the pain away, or are just curious about magic and what siddhis I've awakened, my Mystery School is not for you.

If you feel the deep calling for your soul's mission and know you need support to step forward and be heard, you are ready!

What is my refund policy?

Click here to read the schools Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy,  I run a small business catering to individuals in good faith. All tuition fees are final. However, if you find that this work is not for you, or feel the course did not deliver on its promise, please contact me directly to discuss your concerns and I will do my best to offer a fair solution.

Life circumstances are very hard to predict. There are times when someone in the school has a big life altering event and cannot continue studying at the same pace. That is why I am giving you lifetime access to this self paced course. You can come back again and again to keep learning.  It's priceless.

How do I access the course materials?

All sessions are delivered over an encrypted student portal accessed by a web browser, I offer live office hours via Zoom and our private FB group .Any of my live prayer sessions and Virtual Workshops are held via encrypted video conferencing.  If you are having any trouble accessing the content you can contact my support team here. 

Continued Education in the Mystery School

This self study course is a pre-requisite for personal mentoring with me. If you are ready to fully activate and hone your gifts, I offer an Apprenticeship and Adept Course for continuing students who are ready to walk the path of Spiritual Leadership.  You will have access to the private online forum for one year where all previous students can stay connected and receive peer-to-peer support. Beyond the first year, you can stay in the group coaching program for a nominal fee.

What we build energetically will last a lifetime!

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