The Winter Solstice is on Friday, December 21 @ 2:23 PM. The Full Moon is in Cancer on Saturday, December 22nd @ 9:49 PM PST.

This full moon in Cancer is sweet energy, helping us to get in touch with our deep emotional nature. The blessing and gift of this full moon is that we have access to release old emotional baggage we have been carrying this past year and for many years past. In an instant, you may feel free of heavy energy that has been plaguing you your whole life!

Can you believe this is possible? Will you at least imagine it?

I hope you say YES,  cause this really can happen miraculously fast this week. That old crap that has held us hostage for years, for decades, and for generations past, has the potential to literally vanish overnight. Allow it to happen, accept the blessing this full moon brings and rid yourself of the old patterns, negative thoughts, extra weight, chronic pains, relationship dramas, self-sabotaging behavior… it all can instantly vanish if you can welcome in the light.

Are you ready for this? If you’re not sure or want to make sure, I invite you to take a moment right now. Sit yourself down and have a heart to heart with your conscious mind and your tender heart.

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers (you will want to remember this).

  1. What success did you have in 2018? List out all the awesome things you accomplished that you are proud of.
  2. What big lessons did you learn in 2018 that you do not want to repeat?
  3. What are you really ready to let go of? What do you wish no longer had a hold on you? What behavior, mental state, emotional state, old relationship dynamics, etc are you ready to completely transmute?
  4. How do you want to feel in 2019? What primary emotion do you want to feel every morning when you wake up? How do you want to feel towards your friends, your love life, towards your career, your health, your spiritual life, your free time?
  5. How do you want to celebrate your success to close out the year in a thoughtful and empowering way?

So much beauty awaits you if you allow yourself to receive it. This Cancer full moon might be sentimental but in a good way, keeping you close to home with people you love.

Remember the light is returning! Friday might be the darkest day of the year but the days will then get longer. If you have had a hard time during the holidays due to tragic family dynamics, use this year to create a new pattern for yourself. Focus on things that lift you up. Spend time with those whom you care about. Surround yourself in beauty and let go of all the old resentments and hurts from those who didn’t turn out to be who you wanted them to be. Free yourself. You got this. It’s time to embody your bliss body!

What is bliss? Well, first of all, it’s not numbing out emotions with substances, making unconscious choices, or doing what you think you ought to do. The bliss body activates by tuning into that deepest part of you that experiences joy, love, and a sense of deep well-being. It is a physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment absent of shame, blame, and toxicity. It is your natural state without all the programs. Bliss lives inside of you, not outside of you, Tune in, dive deep, and bliss out! Sab kuch melege! (A saying in Hindi meaning =Anything is possible.)

If you’d like to share your answers with me and be witnessed in your process, I’d be honored to be your sacred witness. I love hearing your process and would be happy to celebrate your success this past year with you.

I am sending prayers for a sweet, loving, healing, and miraculous holiday season for you and your loved ones.

May all beings know love, be liberated from fear, and awaken to their sovereign nature.

Receive more light, bask in the full moon glow, and get outside to catch the meteor shower passing overhead. This is a magical time – make that Christmas wish.

With love and blessings,

P.S.  My sweet soul sister, aManda Greene still needs our help! So far our GoFundMe has raised $20,000 of her $40,000 goal. Its a wonderful start.  She just finished her first round of chemo and is planning to head to an alternative treatment center in Mexico ASAP.

Please do what you can – share this Gofundme link, donate to her treatment and please, please send your prayers and blessings. If you know of any incredible treatments for this type of Neuroendocrine cancer, let me know. She is too young and so cherished by all those who know her.

The link is here.  


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Bringing divine wisdom to challenging topics like porn addiction, pedophilia, incest trauma, kink, tantra, sexless marriages, ET agendas, psychic powers, kundalini energy, dark nights of the soul, demons, parasites and the chronic misuse of power.  Listen in as they release their shame and attune to love! 




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