Happy Equinox friends,

Today is a day to find the balance within. It is the wisest day of the year being the last day of the zodiac calendar. It is the moment we get to say goodbye to the heaviness of winter and hello to the Spring!. Taking all the wisdom we learned from the darkness and allow the light to pour in. Time to till the soil and plant new seeds for a beautiful harvest.

As the day of balance, I pray that the divine feminine energy be met by the divine masculine to establish the divine union within us all. When we find balance within ourselves the world around us is healed.

My morning’s reflections allowed me a moment to clean up my own energy and re-establish my internal balance after a weekend of extreme highs that were met on Monday with an intense low. I am always reminded of the sacred dance we are a part of, the expansion and contraction, and the universal law of rhythm. I made a new declaration to myself and I invite you to read it to witness me reclaiming my balance and I encourage you to make a declaration for yourself.  

My Equinox Declaration To Self

I am a blessing to behold in all my dysfunctions and imperfections.

I transmute fear and anger by boldly facing it down and looking into its eyes until I see through the pain and grief and into the deep longing of the heart.

I return myself to wholeness in each breath. I stay present to what is rather than what might become.

I attune to beauty, grace, joy, and celebration as a conscious choice – as a preference. Not because I don’t want to see the pain, but because I can choose my reality and I choose love over pain. I choose gratitude over depression. I choose gifts over challenges. I choose evolution over stagnation. I choose life over death, innocence over perversions, health over illness, freedom over enslavement.

I choose rural over urban, truth over deceit, friendship over blood, circles over squares, uniqueness over sameness, respect over domination, dancing over talking, guidelines over rules, curiosity over judgement, spontaneity over structure, wild over domesticated, equality over hierarchy, love over hate, kindness over cruelty, flow over stagnation.

I choose to change my preferences whenever I want to and chose to be unpredictable.

Today I decide to love myself over giving love to others because I realize that no one outside of me can ever provide the depth of love that i need.

I will no longer be a martyr, or a scapegoat, or accept another’s projections. I love myself unconditionally and no longer need others approval for my sustenance. I am free to be exactly as I am.

I choose to be me rather than who you want me to be.


What are you needing to declare and rectify within you in order to experience more balance? It is Spring cleaning time. Time to dust behind the couch, beat out the rugs, and organize our messy drawers.

May your day of reflection be energizing and full of self-love.

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