The New Moon is in Taurus on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd @ 7:26 PM Pacific & 10:26 PM Eastern.

Friends, it’s time to dream a beautiful dream. The world’s economy, education, healthcare, governance and technology are all being reformed. As are our psyches, our socializing, and our livelihoods! 

Our mothership Earth is literally traversing new pathways in space and you are getting blasted with waves of energy never before experienced on Earth.  This starlight is hitting your cells and awakening you to information and abilities that have been lying dormant within your own DNA. We are meta-morphing friends! This is an evolutionary time.

This Taurus new moon brings a grounding energy that can assist you to stabilize a new vision for yourself. I know that things may not look promising from where you are. I’m not gonna sugarcoat, it could get a whole lot darker before it gets better. There is a bleak economic situation and people we love are dying. We are experiencing global martial law and a covert world war… but we have a whole new generation of consciousness installed within our cells. You can allow the fear programs to capture you in a dark place or you can focus on what sustains you and gives your life meaning. 

Take a time out to reflect on the following questions:

  1. Think of a time where someone you loved and trusted was lying to you. How did it make you feel when you found out the truth? How did it change your relationship to them? How did it change your relationship to yourself? 
  2. What is your relationship to the truth now? Do you seek it out yourself or do prefer to stay in denial? Do you trust easily or need proof? Do you wait for your own knowing or accept the majority of other’s thoughts?
  3. Clarify your process of discerning truth.
  4. Do you trust yourself? If not, why not? 
  5. Take an inventory on what news, social media, friends and family members drain your energy and establish some clear boundaries.
  6. Make a list of all the ways you leak out financial and emotional energy. Do you overspend, over give, numb out with intoxicants, have meaningless conversations, or binge watching Netflix, etc. See how you might close off these channels.
  7. Make a list of everything that lights you up and gives you energy. Make a commitment to energize yourself each day with something from this list. 
  8. What do you feel is needed at this time in history? Is there a new solution can you offer now? If so, use this time as creative motivation. 

This new frontier of space our planet is now orbiting within is activating all kinds of intense feelings to be released from our collective karmic field. From shock, grief, anger, and terror to feelings of silence, simplicity, creativity, and deep inner peace. There is a cosmic judicial shake down happening at the highest level of authority.

This quarantine is the perfect time to establish a deep sense of inner trust. Give yourself the space and quiet you need to listen to your own instincts and establish discernment. You have full permission to fast and detox from anything that isn’t resonating with you. 

We are in the midst of a Dark Night of the Soul (“DNS”) on a Global Scale. You may face extreme loneliness or get trapped in a holographic hall of mirrors where everything you look at is super confusing. You won’t know who to trust and may question everything and everyone – including yourself.

Things you grasp at for grounding can get stripped away… job titles may suddenly be meaningless,  relationships may end, family structures might crumble to pieces, finances could disappear overnight. These are the external manifestations of a DNS. 

A Dark Night of the Soul can last from a few gut wrenching hours or it could be years… Know that a DNS is designed to clear karmic baggage and strip you down to your authentic, naked, transcendental, soul. There is no savior coming when you’re in a DNS, you need to save yourself. You can self soothe, medicate, or numb out – but the only way to evolve a DNS is to transcend it from the inside out.

Establish an unwavering connection to your still point. Become the eye of the storm. Sit in the seat of your consciousness and rebirth yourself –  you might not know how to do it but your soul surely does. It might feel like threading the eye of the needle while riding the titanic. Call on the light of truth to guide you through. 

Once you discover your internal zero point and arrive on the other side (which happens in an instant) you will be renewed, living an upgraded version of yourself. Your personality will change, your likes and dislikes will change, the way you speak and act may suddenly be different. You might dress differently, eat differently and you may choose to go by a new name. Trust this process, it is conscious evolution.

Our biology is way smarter than our mental capacity. You are much much more than your small identity of yourself. Allow this beautiful process of metamorphosis to happen and make sure you have reliable support structures to witness your transformation. 

This New Moon is the perfect time to anchor in our vision for the New Earth. What is yours?

To learn more about mastering the art of change, grab my free mini video course here.  

Stay curious, flexible, and adaptable. We are in the time we came here for.

With love,

*Photo by Tim Foster


Master Mystic, Author & Kundalini Activator, Amelía Aeon Karris has been a way-seer and trend-setter throughout her career spanning technology, fashion, entertainment, intentional community design, and spirituality. She is the Founding Director of Know The Self Mystery School where she mentors truth seekers to ground their mission in the world. As a seer and energy channel she tunes in with the moon cycles and Earth’s energy to give practical guidance to the collective consciousness through her bi-monthly moon blog.  If you’d like to find out how she can help you tune your innate abilities and activate your full potential you can book a live interview with Amelía here.

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