What are you desiring from your relationships but not getting? What are you getting over and over again in your relationships but not wanting? Dr. Ken Harris Says, “Whatever you want from the other, learn to give it to yourself”. Like the mirror effect, we will attract what we are needing to heal in ourselves.

Listen as Amelía and Satya talk about their insecurities, desires, needs, wants and exit strategies in relationships and what Dr. Ken Harris has to say about getting those needs met.

If you missed our last episode (#68) with Dr. Ken Harris go check that out next.

To learn more about Dr. Ken, you can visit his website https://www.doctorkenharris.com/

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Time Code:

00:00 Intro

00:36 Dr Ken Harris

03:11 Self Care and confidence

07:12 Runners

12:45 The next great love

15:12 Compromise

18:11 What’s beyond the sex

21:56 Is marriage necessary?

23:14 Stay in the wrong relationship

27:14 Satya’s thoughts

31:46 Closing

33:56 Thank you

34:35 Outro

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