The Full Moon is in Scorpio this Sunday, April 29th @ 5:58 PM PST.

Can you feel the energy rising? The Full Moon on Sunday is in Scorpio and it’s a sexy emotional one. You may be wanting to stay home alone, or in the arms of your lover, rather than hitting the town to socialize. The Scorpio energy dissolves veils between worlds and exposes our vulnerable side.  Take time to plan your weekend knowing that this energy can bring up a mishmash of the feels and your need to protect yourself. 

On one hand, you should be feeling the accomplishments of your last two weeks of hard work. On the other hand, you may be pushing to hard right now and burn out.  Give yourself a timeout, we are still in the death and rebirth cycle. Did you get spun around in the shit show frenzy this last month? If so, you should be balancing out now. If you’ve been following my moon blog, take a moment to review your reflections from the new moon back on April 15th. Click here if you need a refresh.  Sunday’s full moon brings a stabilizing factor to that crazy energy. Thank Gawd! Hopefully, you are feeling good and on top of your game.

Did you find more time for silence these last few weeks? Did you release some toxic people, places, and substances from your life? Have you been Spring cleaning? Have you dealt with your inner control freak? If so, you should be seeing some great strides taking shape now so beware of the little gremlins that will try to throw you off course. Time to hunker down and tell the little devil you are serious about your new found positive habits. In fact, you may even just look at those old taunts as empty promises with your new found strength. There may be a lot more ground to cover still, but now you have some momentum so keep it up!

This is a great time to review and adjust any new systems you recently put in place and let yourself know you are well on track to succeed. Positive reinforcements work wonders. Take time to enjoy the benefits of your hard work this weekend and do something nurturing for yourself. Doesn’t positive evolution feel good? My hands are in the air swaying to the sound of my silent disco with a big hallelujah!  

However, I gotta tell you that you will want to stay focused friends cause we are not out of the storm altogether, so keep up whatever practices you have in place. This is not a time to get lazy and think you’ve made it safely to the other side. You may be feeling torn about “what you need” to evolve, versus “what you want” to satisfy your cravings. This is a time to hone in those positive practices and really shift your life the way you want to once and for all. Pray for help, ask for help in new ways, and allow the angels to assist you in overcoming your weaknesses.

Here are some reflections to ponder this weekend:

  1. What healthy practices have you put in place that are really working for you? Note any results you have had. Give thanks and keep it up! Healthy lifestyle changes take time to become a new habit. The magic key is to keep it simple (meaning doable), enjoyable, and stay consistent. Consider getting a calendar to track your success and give yourself a star each day you follow through on your commitment to yourself. When you are consistent for 21 days, 40 days and 90 days in a row give yourself a gift and celebrate with people you love.
  2. What aspect of your life are you still feeling super challenged with? Is there something you want to change but you keep disappointing yourself (and others) so you give up time and again? Do you know anyone who has overcome the same issue? If not, find someone who has and ask them how they overcame it. Take notes! Get support with wherever you are stuck or spinning your wheels. We don’t want you stuck in the quicksand, we need you on the playing field doin’ your thang! Asking for help is important and it helps others just as much as it helps you.
  3. What do you want to experience in this life? Do you want to experience radiant health? A deep loving partner? A life filled with joy and purpose? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to experience it and take one step in that direction. See what you might need to let go of in order for that to happen and make a bold choice towards being a conscious creator.

Listen, your big goals don’t happen overnight they take planning and consistency to achieve. We have been trained to take pills for things that bother us, but to experience vibrancy we know we need to feed ourselves well and nurture our bodies. This full moon reminds us to protect ourselves, to nurture our souls, and release whatever is needed to stay on the path towards our divine destiny.

Something also quite important to note is that this Scorpio full moon is the midpoint between the eclipse season. The last eclipse was in January and the next one will be in July during my Rebirth & Renewal Conscious Camping Quest. During this full moon, we are anchoring the energy that got ignited during that crazy blood moon in January and it will come to fruition in July.

If you would like to do something really powerful for the total eclipse / Full Moon in three months, consider joining me in Mount Shasta for my Rebirth & Renewal Conscious Camping Quest. This is the last month to get on a payment plan to help you make it happen. This retreat is a game changer. Seats are filling up so reserve yours ASAP! This could be the last time I host this event in this way so if you are thinking, next summer, you may miss out altogether!

If you are not into the group thing and are looking for 1-1 support, I have two seats currently open for Soul Dive Sessions for the month of May. Soul Dives take place over an eight-week span and assist you to remove the blocks that hold your soul hostage so you can fulfill your divine mission. I only work with those who are in soul alignment with this work. If you are curious if this is the right next step for you, go ahead and book a call with me to find out. I specialize in people who’ve had kundalini awakenings, ET encounters, divine encounters, and want to hone their abilities to assist in the planetary healing mission.  Apply here for a free consultation.

May we all rise up to our full potential!

*Photo by Matheus Ferrero 

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