The second Full Moon of the month is in Leo on January 31 at 5:27 am PST. There is also a total lunar eclipse happening during the Full moon between 3:48 am – 7:12 am PST. Mmmhmmm… it’s big energy time.

This full moon is no joke. Have you been feeling squeezed, stretched, or pushed to the edge in the last few days? Emotions run high with this super stack of energy overhead. The focus is on the shadow aspects that have been neglected. Yep, it is inspection time and those dust bunnies are peeking out from all the places you thought you hid them for good.

This is Shakti Ma in full force. The divine mother is pissed off. She is using her stored up energy to break the chains that have bound her. She is rearing her head and using all of her innate gifts to “clean house”. She is not your maid! She cleans house because this is her temple and her domain and she is finally standing up for herself, no more passive responses.

This full moon and eclipse energy will especially empower single women and single mothers who have been feeling disempowered. This feminine life-sustaining energy will be shooting up your backbone (whether you are single, or a woman, or not) providing you the energy you have longed for to change your reality.

If you ask me, it’s about flippin’ time!

The mother will no longer be shat on, abused, caged, clung to, or spat on. She is here to claim her rightful place as a loving and fierce + a fiercely loving energy that heals us, protects us, and transmutes negativity. She needs to be heard and acknowledged before balance can be achieved.

So here is the big question for you on this full moon – what do you dream is possible? Have you been so hurt, bogged down, stressed out, or depressed that you stopped dreaming? Have you closed yourself off to possibility?

I dare you to dream. I dare you to imagine your dreams are actually possible. I dare you to stop the fear program for a moment, take a deep breath, and dream with me. Take this moment right now to ask yourself, “What is possible for my life and for the world if I felt supported, loved and cared for?”

Dream my friends. Imagine a world that is just, a world that knows health, a world where there is abundance for everyone. This is possible, shakti is pervasive and available to all of us. The key is in your own ability to imagine it. Do not entertain the scary demons that prance around your space vying for attention.  Ignore the demons! Starve them of your attention and focus instead on what makes you smile.

I dare you to take a breath and imagine it is possible. The shakti energy is our vital life force that lives in our spine, in the air we breathe, in all the ways we are nourished. She is our sustenance.

Breathe in purity and breathe out beauty.

Together we can make miracles a reality.

In service,

*Image source: Pele – Ka wahine ‘ai honua by EnaiSiaion


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