The New Moon is in Aries on Sunday, April 15th @ 6:57 PM PST.

This Aries new moon brings a fresh new beginning but man, re-birth is a messy experience! 

Aries is the baby of the Zodiac, and this little one is having a full-blown tantrum! Expect people to be highly emotional, irrational, and erratic all month long.  Expect triggers and tears and anger to be expressed and allow them to flow out of you, there is no time for PC behavior. This is all part of the big cosmic purge aka crucifixion and resurrection replay. It’s called Spring cleanin’ for a reason! And thank God Mercury has gone direct, at least some things should start balancing out soon!

A few nights ago, while riding this huge wave of Aries energy, I found myself in a waking vision.  I was in some sort of a getaway car with a skilled, yet reckless driver. I heard the words. “Flip a bitch” …”NOW!” ring out in my head and felt the driver (without hesitation) turn the steering wheel 180 degrees and totally shift directions. At first, it felt insane and completely life-threatening. The car leaped over the center island divide, hit some stuff and nearly tipped over as it zigzagged through some back alleys in what looked like scenes of ancient cities. At one point, as I was white-knuckling the wild ride, I realized that the GPS had already charted a new course for me and suddenly I found myself invigorated and able to breathe normally again. I realized that the reckless driver behind the wheel was actually my god Self and the GPS navigation system were my instincts. They were spot on, well trained, and the course correction happened *just* in the nick of time to avert disaster! Phew! There was damage to the vehicle in the abrupt turnabout, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed at the next pit stop.  Jeez! Course corrections are so inconvenient! Although I don’t know the destination, what I am assured of is that a very mysterious intelligence is behind the steering wheel and I was able to surrender my small minded need to control the inter-dimensional situation.

What to do when your life takes a 180? Well, having been traversing karmic timelines a gazillion times it seems, I know that you will do yourself a favor if you make time to take inventory of the mess in your own corner and get really quiet. It is time to slow down and smell all the flowers that are blooming. Think “chop wood, carry water”. Something very big is happening on a galactic level and you will need at least three days and three nights of stillness to weather the storm. There is a massive fundamental shift of consciousness underfoot. Things that are toxic in your life *have* to change soon or your struggles will persist. Your prayers for a solution are being answered. However, I guarantee you that it’s probably not going to look the way you want it to…not yet anyways! The shit has to hit the fan, turn to compost, make a HUGE mess – before the new seed of hope can take root, sprout, and bloom. We are in the ‘shit hit the fan’ moment. I know its graphic, but that’s how I see it. It’s a shit show frenzy…and people are acting all kinds of cray.

Whatever you might be clinging to for safety can get ripped away at a moments notice. This is time to activate your inner Jedi master. Take time to stand with your palms open and at your side, or simply sit still and hold your palms on your lap, face upwards.  Close your eyes, slow down your breath, and allow the blessings of hope to rain down upon you. New directions will appear as if by magic when you tune to the higher order. It is not wise to force your way into any new solutions, or ‘push’ your personal agenda on unpleasant situations. These new solutions are coming from a new timeline, beyond your imagination. It is actually a gift if you can believe it.  Allow this new gift to emerge as a welcome surprise, like how a flower can bloom overnight. Believe me, it helps!

Here are some reflection questions to ponder as you align with this dark moon:

  1. What part of you is freaking out and throwing a tantrum? How can you soothe it and listen to its cries for help?
  2. How much silence do you make time for in the day? Silence equals time alone without music, movies, people, intoxicants, or distractions. Do you have time each day to just be with yourself in nature and listen?
  3. Are your instincts well trained? How good are you at “course corrections”? Do they make you nervous? Are you a control freak? Be honest.
  4. What are you ready and willing to let go of that you know is toxic to you? What is the first step in releasing this toxic person, place or thing from your life?

Look, we’ve all got parenting issues, places inside us where our parents didn’t live up to the mark and totally “failed” us. This is a time when you may be stuck with big emotions around all the ways in which you weren’t loved enough, guided in the right way, or were not supported enough in your life. It is time to be self-responsible and re-parent yourself. You can access the divine parents within you who unconditionally love you and want to see you healthy, thriving, and successful. Spend some time allowing the divine parental guidance to come through and nurture you through these tumultuous times.

If you are struggling and need support, don’t be shy – there is no shame in asking for help. We all need help and in fact, being witnessed in our struggles is deeply healing. A helping hand can turn grunt work into fun work. Make sure you are not struggling with trying to do everything alone and get support! If you are scared to ask for help, pray for it. Help appears in the strangest packages.

May this new moon’s blessing be swift for you. May all beings be liberated from fear.

Om mani padme hum

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