Winter is here. On December 21st, we will experience the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere juuussssst before a solar eclipse the day after Christmas. We call this shortest day the Winter Solstice, and the beginning of Winter. Historically, this day has been celebrated with bringing in lights, with fires and gifts, and with looking back over the past year to see where we triumphed and where we need to regain some center. If you are connected to the same Field of Energy that I am connected to, I suspect that you have been dealing with some deep inner transformation since April, and have many lessons to remember and record in your journal.

Speaking of journaling… I plan on spending some time this week taking inventory of all that happened. Spoiler alert: it’s a LOT! My past two years have been magical and transformative. I have gone through a major metamorphosis or six, including the cocoon phase where all my cells turned into goo and magically reformed themselves (for me, this was not without pain and discomfort). But… I think I came out with brand-new, rainbow hued wings! My 17 year old daughter says I am “Extra”.

The darkest day of the year is one to remember the old axiom that:

The darkest hour comes just before the dawn.

Contemplate all that you have done internally these past months, all the work on yourself, and celebrate the light you let in to shine there. Perhaps you want to plant some seeds of intention into this dark soil of energetic manifestation. What is it you want to accomplish this next year? What is it you want to feel in a year, in another decade, or in 35 years? I am going to write and write and write in red pen, and I am going to plant those intentions into the soil at the foot of the giant oak tree that grows at the entrance to my secret, sacred river access down the road.

Then I will light some candles! I will speak out loud my intentions as I light them, imagining the element of fire as being an energetic catalyst for creation. I will imagine the seeds of my intentions growing as the days grow longer, the soil warms, and my dreams and intentions take root in the world to become big and strong and abundant like the oak they are planted under.

After that, I will drink hot, spiced apple cider, listen to holiday music, find an organization I want to give to this year, and enjoy myself, because this is how you make the Manifestation Magic happen… Just assume it is all coming into being, really already in existence, you are just staying busy working happily, with gratitude and generous spirit, fully present in THIS MOMENT, while the Universe works on your behalf. Keep yourself open to surprises, unexpected paths and opportunities, and synchronistic, miraculous events… and report back here when you do! I want to hear all about it!

Merry Yule. Happy Holidays. Blessed Winter Solstice!
Melissa from Prismatic Awakening

Melissa is an Apprentice in the Know the Self Mystery School. She is a chakra work enthusiast, an intuitive, a self-development creative, a lifetime learner, a Feng Shui geek, and Maker. Learn more about her here.

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