On Wednesday @ 11:04 AM EST  / 8:04 AM PST the New Moon enters Pisces.

If you have ever done a Vipassana retreat you have heard Goenka-ji with his thick Indian accent say “Staaarrt Agaiiin”. These two-words have become my favorite mantra to recite in times of massive change and will come in handy this week as we move through what looks like a total a paradigm shift. This New Moon is heralding a cosmic level reset.

You are being offered a totally new perspective on your life. It may be time to try on someone else’s ideas and see how it feesl in your body. Your views may be changing and expanding where previous judgements and rigidity used to be present. Old ideas, limiting structures, and negative patterns have the ability now to simply shift or fall away completely. To know what is truly possible for your life, see if you can open to receive what the universe is wanting to share with you. Imagine it is good, generous, kind, loving and supportive. What if there is something better than what you can imagine?

The cosmic pebble has been thrown into our collective pond and the ripples are affecting all of us in wonderful (yet uncomfortable) ways.  If you have had a challenging start to the year and feeling that you haven’t quite been able to fulfill those new year’s resolutions you set for yourself, this new moon will give you the ability to see why things might not be working the way you thought it would. It’s time for a re-frame.

This Pisces new moon energy will also help you listen to your instincts in a new way as you dive deep into your watery nature. The planet Mercury goes retrograde from March 5th to the 28th and this gives us a lot to reflect upon. Mercury is full of iron and magnetism and when it goes backwards in our solar system it tends to affect our thoughts, our nervous system, and our electrical devices can act very strange.

However, what I am seeing is a big mental upgrade. Take your time making decisions and learn how to fine-tune your instincts, you may need to navigate a whole host of changes in the coming weeks and months ahead. Consider that any plans that don’t work out is simply because there is something better awaiting you.

As you know change, like birth and death, can be messy, unpredictable, confusing, chaotic and emotional.  Change stirs up the stuff we don’t want to look at, but we need to. It also opens doors to possibilities we couldn’t have imagined before and catapults our human evolution. Trust that the change is good.

This new moon is getting us to notice the places in our lives that need a serious overhaul, specifically around our health, money, and relationship issues. These areas will be under a microscope this week as the new moon asks us to re-define these areas and make some much needed alterations.

This is a time to expand your thoughts and explore bigger ideas for yourself, look at the long range goals, and explore new directions. This new moon may reveal an entirely new possibility for your life. If you are experiencing moments of anxiety, fear and dread, well that’s a part of it too.

Here are some reflections for your new moon meditation:

  1. How do you feel your way through the world? How do your thoughts affect your emotions and vice versa? Notice your patterns and take notes.
  2. What health issues are you ignoring or needing to address? Who can you ask for support to help you address the issues and see it in a new way?
  3. What are your financial goals for the year? For the next 10 years?  What can you do this week towards setting yourself up for success? Who can you ask for advice or support?
  4. What do you want to create in your love life? How would you like to be met in your primary love relationship?

Take time to ponder these deep reflections.

Are you able to find the still place within below your thoughts and feelings? Being able to sit still is a vital practice for navigating big changes and finding our way out of difficult situations.

Do you need support? Are you wanting to learn my survival tool for navigating change and waking up your inner navigation system? Check out my online, self-paced course Take Back Your Power and join a community of awakened hearts navigating these big shifts together. You get the first lesson the moment you sign up.

May all beings know love.

May all beings be liberated from fear.

In Service to expanding consciousness,

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