We have a New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at 5:28 PM PST / 8:28 PM EST on Saturday, January 5th, 2019.

Happy New Year Bliss Balls!

Have you made your resolutions yet? If not, no worries… Don’t fret!

This Saturday gives us a perfect alignment for doing just that. The first New Moon of 2019 brings us some happy good vibes. It helps us clear out the old and distorted thought patterns, putting a spotlight on our bad behaviors and the circumstances in our life that we need to change.

You might be thinking, how is this a happy feeling?

Well… although it’s hard to maneuver the sh*t that mucks up our life and stare down harsh realities, the greatest gift in doing this is that we can only change things we are aware of. This new moon and partial eclipse are helping us really see the shadow aspects of our personality and how we were programmed to behave.

The cosmic energy is perfectly situated to support us to finally eradicate the nasty buggers (the parasites) and make a BIG shift! The best part is that all of this is unfolding naturally! You no longer need to push to make these big shifts. You can simply relax into present time and trust the process and you will literally witness it unfolding in perfect synchronization!

Imagine what would it feel like if you didn’t have that nagging pain, those horrible habits, and that old story festering? It is possible to live without it, but you gotta “feel” your way out of it. Are you ready? It’s all about allowing love, allowing the perfection of the grand design to take its rightful place and show you the path.

This moon and eclipse are shining a light on the shadow of our sexuality, our primal nature, and the interplay between our Masculine and Feminine energy centers. You will see this play out in your love life, your internal balance, and in the news and stories coming to light. We are clearing sexual shame on a global level. Yeah, it’s real and it’s so liberating!

What do we do with all of this increased shakti that is flooding the planet? People will want to cage it, own it, suppress it. People will be scared of it.  Heck, we will all be a little frightened of our own unleashed energy. However, love has returned and love will guide us to the balance that we seek.

Here are some questions to ponder as you set your intentions for this New Year:

  1. What old pattern in your love life is causing you pain or making you contract and be stuck in a pattern? Identify the story, the original wound, or that place where this energy stems from.
  2. Imagine what it feels like to be totally transparent and free to love and be loved with your heart wide open. If this doesn’t feel safe for you, imagine a place where that would feel safe and allow yourself the experience of imagining the greatest gift of love.
  3. What old beliefs, habits, and patterns are you ready to release this year?
  4. What are you ready to allow into your life? Make space and imagine it already happening. What does that feel like?

Do you want your 2019 manifestations to be supercharged? I know that sounds like a ridiculous question with an obvious, “Duh of course!” response. However, I see a lot of people frozen and freaked out holding themselves in a type of prison, not really ready to have a good life. It’s sad but it’s true. Unfortunately, I see it every day.

If you don’t want to self-sabotage and are ready to supercharge and go quantum with your intentions, join my private FB group, Rebirth & Renewal – Master the Art of Change and add your intention to the thread.

Being seen and witnessed in your manifestations will catapult you to another level. On top of the incredible group support of all those who read your intentions,  I will personally activate an energetic grid for you to manifest a quantum leap in your soul growth. Yes, I will do this for free as a new year’s gift to you. Why?  Because I LOVE it and I’m really good at it. It energizes me when I see people succeed and make their dreams happen! Also, you shining helps me shine brighter! ;p 

Click here to share your intentions and get supercharged!

If you’d like private and direct support from me, I am now scheduling private sessions starting next week. Reach out if you want more info. I also have some upcoming retreats in Mexico this Spring and in Mount Shasta this Summer, and my online Mystery School is always open for you to get even more customized and supercharged support.

Make 2019 the best year yet!

I am in service to igniting 1000 Suns waking them up to bliss ball status within a year!

With Love & Blissful Musings,

*Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky

P.S.  A little update about my sweet soul sister, aManda Greene.

Thank you for your love, prayers and donations!!

It took some time for aManda to figure out what the best healing path was for her. With all the information from multiple sources and listening to her our own body, she decided ultimately on the CHIPSA Hospital, an alternative integrated cancer treated center in Mexico. 
Please do what you can – share this Gofundme link with all of your networks, donate to her treatment and please, please send your prayers and blessings.  The link is here.


Episode 7 – Shakti Rising is now available.

Check out all the episodes by clicking the link below. Learn about the parasite feeding off our sexuality, release sexual shame and join in the conversation.

We aim to bring divine wisdom to challenging topics like soul wounds, demons, parasites and the chronic misuse of power.




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