The first new moon of the year happens in Capricorn on January 16th at 6:17 pm PST.

This is a time to be held accountable for your past actions and take inventory of your life.  Who is in charge of your life, your time, and your energy (also disguised as money)? This is a perfect time to have a good look in the mirror and make some adjustments.

This new moon highlights the abuse of power. Are you dealing with a personal conflict? You are being urged you to step off your high horse and put your toes in the mud and ground yourself.  There is a shadowy and untrustworthy element to January’s new moon, it leaves a feeling of rebelliousness in the air and it can be very controversial. The misuse of power has been running rampant and it needs to be checked. If you started pointing a finger at someone else whom you want to “check” I am going to urge you to turn that finger towards yourself.

If you find yourself dealing with a lot of anger and rage, it’s understandable.  The good news is that this new moon helps us to transmute our anger through our body into a creative outlet. Get that mojo activated and work it out in the bedroom, or hit the gym! Whatever your method, MOVE YOUR BODY and work it out! If you allow that anger to settle it will putrify in your system and you will start feeling vengeful and helpless. This is not only toxic to you but everyone you interact with.

Something to ponder … we all have different aspects of our governing mind that compete with each other. We have a childish part of our mind who whines a lot and loves to make demands through intense emotions and likes to play the victim. We also have an adult part of us, that is more balanced and likes to make clear choices based on all mental and emotional data it collects. Then we have our parental mind that is split into two opposing sides. On one side, it judges everything incessantly as if it is the appointed ethical police. On the other side, we have the unconditionally loving parental mind which supports us when we are down, has lots of compassion for our choices, and helps us get back up after life’s many challenges.

I created a downloadable worksheet with my dear friend Nomita, to help you identify these mental states and figure out who’s in the driver’s seat. I’m including it here so you can take a moment to check yourself and draw your own current mental makeup (especially in relation to a conflict you are in the midst of). You can download the worksheet here. Be honest with yourself, are you misusing your power? Are you being childish or overly judgemental?

New insights, new possibilities, and new endeavors can be birthed now. Take time to check yourself and transmute your anger.

May all beings be free.
Om mani padme hum


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