The New Moon is in Taurus this Saturday @ 3:45 PM PST / 6:45 PM EST.

We are halfway into Spring already! May 1st marks the sacred pagan holy day of Beltane, where bonfires were lit and fertility rituals performed to appease the devas of the land and bring prosperity, abundant harvests, and balance to the community.

This week its time to clear out the accumulated crap within and without and make a fresh start. This new moon brings some healthy grounding energy after so much turbulence in the moons past. Taurus energy is stabilizing and nurturing, it’s also highly arousing – so put that happy face on and take some deep breaths!

This is the perfect week to settle into a new routine, get some self-care practices in place, and allow yourself to pause, go inwards and make the necessary adjustments you need to take better care of your beloved body temple. This new moon energy is like receiving a cosmic spa day.

Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life but not sure where to start? Do you sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the things that aren’t perfect in your life that you go into anxiety or overwhelm? If you have taken a big risk, or had some sudden change happen, you know this feeling well. Change is like birth in that it can be explosive and messy and you need time to integrate to all the new-ness.

Take some time this week out of your busy life to slow down to bask in the cosmic spa moon and ask yourself these questions. I encourage you to actually write down your responses so you can start mapping out the positive steps you are going to take to make your life more enjoyable.

  1. What is currently working really well in your life? Do you have some great healthy habits? Have you accomplished something you are proud of? List out all the things you are doing well. Even the little things like flossing your teeth!
  2. What new practices or healthy habits do you want to add into your life to make it that much better? Maybe you want to join that new class at the gym, or take evening walks, or maybe try out new recipes each week, or meditate more often? Whatever new habits you want to create – write them down and decide when you will fit them into your day.
  3. What are you done complaining about? Think of everything you are annoyed by. Maybe it’s your messy room, or a nagging toothache, those extra pounds you put on from winter,  or maybe it’s a bigger issue, like your current relationship! ;p
  4. What would you prefer instead? Whatever you are done being agitated about in your life get clear on what you would rather experience. Write it down.
  5. What are you going to do this week to make a positive change towards your preferred experience? Do you need to cut some toxic ties? Do you need to do some spring cleaning? Book a doctors appointment?? Make time in your busy day to meditate? Write it down and make it happen.

We live at a time of unprecedented change, there is more uncertainty now in the very fabric of life. Black holes are opening, weather patterns are shifting, financial markets are unpredictable, and the collective consciousness is well – evolving to a new octave. Secrets are flying out of the closet and people are waking up to their limitless potential and superhuman powers. This is all cause for some chaos and massive re-arranging on a global scale!

You can live in fear of the inevitable changes. You can cling to your life as it is now or has been or you can embrace it and become an agent of positive change. Change is confronting, it’s uncomfortable, it will challenge you to the core and it will help you become a better version of yourself. When you settle for how things are you become a complacent victim and a slave to your situations. You become a subservient bystander – powerless and entrapped. When you decide to take your power back and take responsibility for your role in the situation you become limitless.  

If you are moving through massive change or wanting a breakthrough in your life, join my private FB group Rebirth & Renewal – Master the Art of Change. I am in the midst of a personal 30-day challenge to share my authentic process of moving through massive change. You will find lots of free resources in this group to support you on your journey. Join Satya Ra Priest on Thursday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST in our private FB group for a free New Moon sound bath to honor this new cycle.

Enjoy this sexy, grounded, new moon, cosmic soul bath and make some good sh*t happen!

With love,

* Photo by Julia Lehman-McTigue

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