The New Moon is in Scorpio on Wednesday, November 7th at 8:02 AM.

The divine feminine energy is on the rise. What does this mean really? Well, that really depends on your perspective. The way I am seeing it show up all around me (and within me) is that women are getting their voices back! We are clearing out the toxic shame closet and stepping into leadership roles. The patriarchy is falling and we all have the possibility of freeing ourselves from the grasps of dictatorships, authoritarian rules, and old belief systems that no longer serve us!

I don’t know about you but this makes me throw my hands in the air and sway to the new music sweeping over the planet. You might be wondering what channel I’m plugged into cause what’s happening in the political sphere seem nothing like liberation… but that’s the awesome part. This liberation and possibility is being hidden from the public on purpose.

We are being told very scary things to remain in fear and subordinate roles so that we won’t realize our god-given right to rise up and free ourselves! You see, my friends, the power is within you – NOT outside of you!

The sooner you can recognize your true Self, the sooner you can shatter the old program–the sooner you will find yourself living in the pure frequency of love. How does love feel? Well, I invite you to tune into it right now. However skeptical you may be feeling – just drop in – look inside follow your breath and figure it out for yourself!

Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. Do you know what love feels like in your body? Can you access it at will? If you’re not sure, stop everything and tune in – NOW. This is critical for your healing and potential to rise.
  2. What are you lying about in your love life? What are you hiding, afraid of, or ashamed of? These sexual gremlins are coming up to be freed –  clean ‘em out friends – this is where your power center is being controlled!
  3. What does your heart deeply desire to experience in this lifetime? Feel it, breathe it. Let yourself experience it as a reality.

This new moon has immense potential of serving us some justice. The claws of the scorpion moon are grabbing that gunk out of your sex closet and clearing house! This new moon is a welcome gift for the liberation of our sex lives, our relationships, and offers us a window to see what life would be like if we were truly free.

Don’t be surprised if you fall out of touch with your friends or lovers, don’t be surprised if old lovers come back to clear up past wounds. Open your arms, put your head to the sky and ask to be shown what it means to be truly free and able to love deeply.

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May all beings know love. May all beings be free.

In service,

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi


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