The New Moon is in Leo on Wednesday, July 31st @ 8:12 PM PDT / 11:12 PM EDT.

Well, we’ve safely arrived on the other side of the mega portal Eclipse energy just in time for the Lion’s Gate Portal! I hear a collective sigh of relief! The energy of the Lion’s Gate helps us with our confidence and sense of self.  Time to step up and be bold.

We are still receiving lots of solar flares and meteor showers to help us stay on our toes. This is the 2nd new moon in July and we will continue to feel the changes stirring beneath us but thank the heavens Mercury has gone direct.

Maybe the last few weeks already stirred up quite a bit in your life? Well, this new moon will help you sift through the rubble and clear out all the stuff that just doesn’t work in your life anymore.

Do you have some old resentment rolling around in there? Maybe some patterns of jealousy, envy, or rage? It’s time to let those go! This is the Mayan Galactic New Year of the White Magnetic Wizard (as of July 26th) and it is asking us to fine-tune our mental patterning.

Thought forms are more powerful than ever and with them, we can create a whole new reality for ourselves. Instead of repeating the same old sad story to yourself, try a victorious storyline, or one that puts you in the lap of love, comfort, and ease.  Our manifesting power is getting a cosmic upgrade. Oh, and this goes for telepathy too. Don’t freak out if you realize you really don’t need to text all day cause the neural network is sending and receiving just fine.  

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What area of your life are you struggling the most? Is it your love life, your finances, your work, your family, or friends? Maybe you feel you have no purpose? Identify your greatest struggle right now.
  2. Which parent of yours also struggles in this area? Can you track how far back it goes? 
  3. What would it feel like to not struggle? That seems easy but just take a deep breath and imagine what it would actually feel like in your body to not struggle. 
  4. What is the main predominant feeling when you are not in a struggle? Is it trust? Surrender? Flow?  Feel it as deeply as possible.
  5. Repeat this process with every situation you are struggling with until you find a new path (and more breath) around the struggle.

Consider you have inherited the struggles you carry in the hopes that you can clear it for your ancestors both past, present and future offspring and have volunteered for your own karmic clearing. Each time you are dealt with another struggle imagine you have the power within you to overcome it and approach it as a challenge to develop a healthy mindset.

We are living in times where anxiety and fear are broadcast like terrorism through our airwaves. Our phones and computers (and the coffee we drink) wind us up and tighten our internal stings. When change happens these strings can pop and act out. 

We are being fine-tuned to deal with difficulties the generations before us lets say ‘donated’ to us with the hope that we can find the solution. What if it’s as easy to clear as a mental thought shift? You know, like Kung Fu Panda.

Imagine that all your thoughts are magnetic and attract to it people and situations and storylines. When you consciously write a new story the same thing happens it attracts a new experience and voila you wake up and know what you are made of!

This White Magnetic Wizard Year brings us increased abilities to manifest all that we want. People will be having spiritual awakenings like never before. This is a time to take your place, to stand in your power, and allow yourself to rise. Not from an inflated ego, but from the identification of knowing your full potential.

It is time to let go of excuses, blaming, and judgments and just become who you were designed to be. You are unique – just be you! The real you is perfect. 

How do you find the authentic you? Well, it takes dedication and deep listening. Join my Take Back Your Power course and you will learn all the tools to activate your potential and awaken to your unique gifts. The course starts the moment you sign up. 

With love and new beginnings,

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