We are at a halfway point! Wowza, this year has flown by. As midpoints go there is strong polarity, which leads to a lot of excitement. 

How you doin’? This has been a year of transformation and big changes. There is more to come, but this new moon gives us a sweet respite of accomplishment. Take a moment to look how far you have come since January? A lot has happened in a short period of time, right?

This new moon brings the focus to our words and our thoughts. Particularly the thought patterns that keep us spinning around in old cycles of self-abuse. This is the perfect time to let go of old habits once and for all. The energy presented to us now is a time of graduation and completion. We get to move on from big life lessons and step up to the next level of our personal growth. It feels good right? I told you the good stuff was coming…look back to my previous moon blogs to see the progression.

Take time to celebrate this HUGE win. Letting go of old patterns once and for all is like giving birth to a new version of yourself. It is messy but so rewarding. You might be in a state of shock and not fully believe that the internal war is really over. Well, believe it! Welcome in the winds of change by opening up your windows, letting the fresh breeze enter and acknowledging the good work you have done! It is pay off time, energetically speaking.

The shadow side of this new moon is the paradoxical nature we see mirrored in those around us. People may all of a sudden shock you by showing you a side of them you didn’t see before (even if you think you have known this person really well). You may start questioning old friendships, close relations, and family members. Because you have recently graduated, you will most likely be tempted by old haunts and seduced into something you might later regret. Keep your eyes open and allow life to entertain you without getting swept away in judging others, or judging yourself. The Gemini nature can agitate us, we may feel tricked by the dual nature we see playing out, but now is not a time to focus on the dark side. The light is in full effect, which creates some harsh shadows – think high noon, when the sun is blasting down on you.

I am not saying bypass the darkness or keep some rose-colored shades nearby, I am saying, stay alert and use your discernment. You get an opportunity at this midpoint to deal with life as it is. To clearly see the ugliness and the immense beauty simultaneously. Right now you will be noticing all the ways your thoughts inform your emotions and how that informs your words and actions. You no longer need to “ignore” the bad stuff, or pretend its not there, it’s just a simple choice and preference you are making with what you are entertaining. You will see, more clearly than ever, how it directly translates to your well being. Exciting, isn’t it?

Some journal reflections to ponder on the New Moon:

  1. Look back over the last few weeks since the Full Moon, are you feeling stronger? Do you have more clarity about a certain someone or a situation in your life? Are you ready to embrace positive change? List out all the positive changes you are committed to. Write it down for your future self to reflect on.
  2. In the last few weeks, what have you been urged to let go of or fully release? Write down the person, the habit, and the mental pattern that no longer serves you.
  3. Are you feeling seduced? If so, by what? Where is your weakness? How can you get support around that area of your life so you don’t regret your choices?
  4. What are you graduating from this week? Declare your accomplishment.

For extra empowerment, be witnessed in your transformation. Come share your responses to these reflections over in my private FB group full of awesome change-makers and spiritual warriors, just like you. To get access to the group, click here to sign up for my free video series on how to Master the Art of Change. In this Rebirth & Renewal gro,up we grow and inspire each other by sharing our challenges and our success!

See you in the private group!

With love,

Photo by Jeremy Bishop 


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