The New Moon is in Aquarius is on Monday, February 4th @  1:04 PM PST / 4:04 PM EST.

It’s time to Marie Kondo the heck out of your life. If you had a rough start to 2019 or have been wondering why you couldn’t concentrate or focus, not to worry! This new moon offers us a new opportunity for personal growth and tidying up everything–inside and out!

This week is a wonderful time to start over. Especially if you feel your New Year’s intentions haven’t yet come into focus, you can tap into the new energy that is available to make some positive changes and establish new healthy routines.

This moon especially highlights your spiritual practices and how important it is to tune into your gut instincts. Do you bypass what your body is trying to tell you by rationalizing everything in your head?  If you are ignoring your body aches and pains and trying to wish them away or rationalize your way into a healthier lifestyle, this is a great time to sit still and ask yourself some very important questions.

Here are some prompts to help you get the most out of the new moon energy:

  1. What health issues do you ignore, cover up, take pills for or have yet to fully heal from? This could be from a toothache, achy joints, to a chronic illness. List them out and just sit with the reality of the situation. Allow the emotions about it to surface.
  2. What would need to change in your life if you wanted to experience ultimate health and wellness? What support would you need? What habits would you need to change?
  3. How can you love yourself more and take better care of yourself? What or whom do you need to say “NO” to and what can you choose to do instead?
  4. What gives you joy? What do you do that gives you a sense of purpose?

Making healthy lifestyle changes can be easy if you allow yourself time to sit with the pain of why you want to change a bad habit. Choosing the healthy alternative is an easy choice when you start to feel better and you see the awesome results.

However, making healthy choices for yourself can be amiss if you don’t have internal congruence and a code of conduct that you live by. So much of our societal and familial programming leads us to be incongruent with all the different inputs of information we take in.

So if your heart feels one way, your mind another, your body another… if you are listening to advice from others and trying to figure out how to fit in, you really need to get quiet and answer the questions above. I encourage you to take time this week to develop your own personal mission statement. Yeah, like the ones successful companies use to define their brand from anothers.

If you don’t know what you stand for, what moves you, what lights you up and why you should get out of bed each day, it will be hard for you to stay focused in a world of bright shiny objects and the myriad of choices that lie ahead of you.

If you need support with finding your life purpose and tuning your internal guidance system, reach out. I have an online course and offer personal sessions to help you reclaim your power and wake up your life purpose. Send me a message if you’d like to chat.

May you enjoy the art of tidying up and find your purpose and joy with each new breath.

In service,

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