The New Moon is In Aquarius at 1:05 PM PST February 15th + Partial Solar Eclipse. 

What is it telling us? Embrace new ideas — Let go of old — Break the mold!

Chchchchanges …. Oh, I love this feeling! It’s like a clean slate, a fresh new beginning. Do you feel it?

The question this New Moon in Aquarius asks you is, “What is no longer working for you?”

It is time to change things up! Do you have a bad habit, a toxic relationship, a serious frustration that needs to go bye-bye? This is the time, my friends, to say farewell and make room for the blessing of a new reality.

Change can feel scary, it can upset our levels of comfort… but holy moly this one is good! This is the real ‘new year’ moment. It is time to pull out those resolutions you wrote back on the 1st of Jan and know that with this new moon (and partial solar eclipse) the energy you need to make them all a reality is available to you. Do I hear an “Amen?”

If you feel you have been put in a box that has kept you small, or you feel your creativity is stifled, or perhaps it’s your self-expression that is lacking – this cycle will help you bust out. This Aquarius New Moon is especially highlighting all first and second chakra domains – which would be the ones that govern the family, relationships, home base, money, your passions, and your work in the world.

Literally, you can now break out of your old patterns. With the last Full Moon explosion of Shakti Ma and the blood moon shock wave, this solar eclipse is concluding that energy portal. Things have been cosmically stirred up for you six-months ago during the last eclipse sandwich back in late August 2017. Do you remember what you were calling in for your life then? This new moon is highlighting the energy that got activated from that time, it is a mirror image. Can you see a bigger pattern here? If so, good – write it down. You seeing the pattern is what will catapult you into new, more fertile soil.

Eclipses always highlight our darker nature because the light is being blocked. It gives us a moment to truly see what’s been lurking in our shadow.  This can surprise you, shock you, and elicit a big reaction. Before acting out emotionally, use this potent energy as a catalyst to change whatever needs changing – it starts with YOU. You know what it is, so take a moment to stop sweeping it under the carpet and take some responsibility.

Take a moment to journal and reflect on the following;

  1. What are you sick and tired of?
  2. What do you wish would be different in your life?
  3. In what ways are you enabling this old habit/pattern?
  4. Who do you need to be in order to overcome this old behavior and break free?
  5. What step are you going to take today to be responsible for your life and move towards your full potential? (Think about how you can clean up the mess and make space for the new.)

This new moon brings a hope for humanity. Imagine, what would it feel like if you, and those closest to you, stop enabling the behavior you most dislike in yourself? We would all be upgraded together! Imagine if everyone you knew took radical responsibility for their life. Imagine if everyone in the world was open enough to receive the gift this new moon/eclipse is offering. What if we could all instantly shed the old version of ourselves and allow love to take its place? Wow. That would be a beautiful reality, and its possible right now. It starts with us. Will you do this with me?

Share this post with everyone you care about, especially with someone who is struggling to let go of their old behavior patterns. May this new energy bring them hope, and may everyone take responsibility for their own love and happiness!

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May this new moon and partial solar eclipse open the doors to your full potential. May you allow love to take the place of fear and let your deepest longings be met. May we all rise up together.

Om mani padme hum.

*Photo by nic 


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