The Full Moon is in Taurus on Tuesday, November 12th, at 05:34 AM Pacific | 08:34 Eastern.

This last month has been full of surprises, some good and some not so good, right? The Taurus full moon brings our attention all that we dream about. Taurus energy gives us a practical and grounded approach to turn our dreams into reality. 

The veils are still thin as we go into the darkest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and with this season we get to re-evaluate and make some major adjustments in our lives. Mercury also goes direct at this magical time, thank god, so we have a clear runway to make some big strides.   

The focus this month will be on your love life and your finances. It is time to get clear with yourself and learn how to communicate your desires in a clear and effective way. What if all it takes is you making a clear request to manifest the love and lifestyle you deeply desire?

However, if you can’t communicate your needs to those you love,  it will keep you away from the experience you truly desire. Take time to practice being honest and opening yourself up to be  a little more vulnerable – great rewards are waiting for those who do! 

This month will require more patience and emotional maturity as you will need to use your instincts and common sense to navigate what has been challenging situations in your past. You will find renewed strength and abilities, where in the past you found yourself floundering. 

With all your relationships practice your ability to speak and listen from the heart. When we keep love present in the ways we communicate to each other it opens pathways for miracles and deep healing. Remember, love is not manipulative or controlling, it doesn’t need to grasp or demand, it simply just gives and is present with what is. 

When we learn to love from a place of non-attachment, we open up to the incredible healing power it provides us and our life will be transformed – seemingly in an instant. 

The magical day of 11-11 is the perfect day to declare the longings of your heart as this day opens up a portal in time and space.  This time signature gives us an ability to transcend old ways of being rapidly. Think of this auspicious day as a free pass to transcendence.

Here are some questions to ponder in your Journal:

  1. What old wound or painful past story in your life are you ready to heal and move beyond?
  2. Do your best to clearly describe the pattern in your life that you would like to change. 
  3. What experience would you like to have on the other side of your healing? What is your heart longing to experience?
  4. Are you ready to make your dreams and goals a reality? 
  5. What would it feel like if you could manifest all that you want? Take time to imagine it already here with you.

This moon brings us the energy of practical magic. The Taurus energy is helping us ground that which we always wanted that seemed out of reach, especially within relationships and financial matters. Use this special 11-11 gateway to map out your dreams. 

It is harvest time friends. There is no reason to suffer and stay locked in a victim mentality. It is time to allow yourself the freedom to receive your deepest longings. 

If you are looking for support and tools to help you manifest more of what you want and to reclaim your strength, check out my Take Back Your Power course and join our small community of spiritual warriors dedicated to living into their potential. 

With love from India, 

*Photo by Christopher Brown

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