The Full Moon is in Scorpio this Saturday, May 18th @ 2:11 PM PDT / 4:11 PM EST / 5:11 PM EDT.

Are you ready to wake up? I mean, attain enlightenment and honor your spiritual birthrights?

The last few weeks the cosmos gave us some energy to ground out and nourish our deep roots. This week (and next) give us a big mojo dose to activate our passions, our creativity and activate our true work in the world.

In the Hindu calendar, this full moon is very auspicious, it is called Buddha Purnima, or Vesak. The full moon of May is the day Gautama Buddha was born, it is also the day he became enlightened under the Bodhi Tree, AND the day he left his body. Tune in to this energy to activate your potency. We all have a little buddha within us begging for our attention.

Are you feeling dull, tired, confused, worn out, or stuck in a rut? This full moon gives us a nice adrenaline rush to plant seeds for our dreams. This is a time to stop sitting idle or waiting for the fairy princess to grant you your wishes. It is time to take action towards making your goals manifest.

Try not to beat yourself up about where you think you “ought” to be, but accept that where you are is simply perfect. If you are really sick of your situation, this full moon is your opportunity, perhaps the catalyst to take a risk and  leap towards your goals.

Take a moment to get still and reflect. For optimal progress, ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers.

  1. What area of your life are you lacking purpose?
  2. What new habits do you know you need to incorporate into your daily routine to create a life you love?
  3. What do you love to do that you wish you could do every single day?
  4. What needs to change in your life in order for you to experience more of that activity?
  5. Who in your life brings you down, sucks your energy, or makes you feel powerless?
  6. What can you do right now to take your power back and stop giving your precious resources to vampiric forces?

Sometimes the people who bring us down, squash our dreams, and make us feel powerless are the people we are related to, or the people we feel we can’t get rid of. I know, that was me for many years of my life, until I learned how to take my power back and become sovereign.

When you awaken to your passion, to your creativity, to your wild, primal, and instinctual nature something alchemical happens. You become unstoppable. However, those who have been suppressed and enslaved for long periods of time when they taste liberation they flip out like a manic person. This often happens when people starve themselves and then go stuff themselves at a buffet spread only to vomit and puke and damage their intestines. It’s out of balance. Don’t do this. Don’t get manic.

How do you reclaim your power without becoming vengeful and manic? This full moon will test you. I encourage you to find your central balance point. If you are looking for a mentor and some guidance on how to do this, sign up for my Take Your Power Back. My online course will activate 7 keys to unlock your divine destiny and awaken your authentic intelligent presence.

This is not a time to play small, to hide out, to wish someone will come and save you. This is a time to take action and design your life the way you want it. The program of scarcity and entrapment is flawed. I know you can see through it and if for just one moment you choose to believe in yourself – in your untapped potential – you just might break free from your outdated shackles and liberate your spirit.

I believe you know exactly who you are, you are just afraid of becoming that raw, fearless, primal, and powerful version of yourself. I would like to midwife your emergence, if you would kindly grace me with your roar.

This Saturday during the full moon, I am offering a FREE online meditation and Ritual to awaken your potential. Meet me in my private FB group. Click here to become a member of Rebirth & Renewal – Master the Art of Change.  Join me live at 2 PM PDT / 4 PM EST / 5 PM EDT on May 18th.

My Take Your Power Back course is available the moment you sign up, it is online and you have access for a lifetime. You will also have access to me live every month and join a group of spiritual warriors anchoring their gifts to escort you and witness your transformation, it is life-altering, to say the least.

I look forward to getting to know you and your journey of awakening to your full potential.

With love and friendship,

*Photo by Fuu J

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