The Full Moon is in Pisces is on Friday, September 13th at 9:33 PM PDT / 12:33 AM EDT.

This month’s full moon provides an opportunity for deep reflection. Pisces energy helps us to feel our emotions, rather than stuff them away. It is a gentle and loving moon cycle, in the sense that we are in the harvest mode from the previous moons this year. 

How do we harvest the moon energy? Think of it this way, all year (if you have been paying attention to your personal evolution), you have been in a cycle of waking up to more of your potential. In doing so, you have probably un-earthed things in your life that needed tending.

Perhaps you have been forced to focus on your finances, or your love life, or your health? Maybe all of it has been begging for your attention? You are not alone!  Whatever you have been working diligently on, these aspects of your life are coming to fruition.

This moon you will be able to reap some rewards for your hard work. There is a small warning however, try not to come to premature conclusions about where it is taking you. 

This moon energy warns of over indulgence and dangerous risks. It would be wise to err on the side of calculation and reservation as this full moon might make you friskier and more adventurous than you are actually comfortable with (especially around your sexuality and money). 

With all the excitement of the challenges we’ve faced coming into greater balance, there is a tendency to self-sabotage by going to extremes. Trying to over correct, or over indulge.

Take a moment to ask yourself some questions and sit with your responses.

 Full Moon Questions to Ponder:

  1. Looking back over the last few months, what did you accomplish? Make a list.
  2. Looking at that list, notice, what did you feel before you completed these accomplishments? Did you feel fear, overwhelm, or did insecurities crop up?
  3. How do you feel about where you are in your life right now? What can you congratulate yourself on?
  4. Who do you need to forgive to make more space in your heart? This may be self inflicted pain, so make sure you look in the mirror! 
  5. What is your greatest weakness? Where do you allow darkness to enter into your psyche? How can you be a little more attentive to shoring up this weakness with another strength or your own common sense? 

Over the next few weeks you may find yourself glowing from your recent accomplishments. This is fabulous, enjoy it. We are still in the throws of big changes, but we are learning to surf these changes with more ease. Thank God!

Living your life with integrity, authenticity, and love takes dedication and constant refinement. It is not something we inherit, we have to create it. We create a life we love by all the small choices we make all day long.

Just keep your eyes wide open as you bask in the warm glow of this harvest moon. Enjoy the fruits of your soulful labor. 

Welcome in forgiveness and see how it magically transmutes pain into power. As you know, life is a kaleidoscope of constant change. We are weaving together a magical tapestry of collective brilliance when we ascend our personal challenges together.

Imagine if all of us just took care of ourselves with unconditional love. How glorious our connections would be! 

We didn’t come into the world having all the answers, we have to remember and re-learn what our soul already knows. It is a process and a fun adventure – allow yourself to enjoy your own self discoveries – wherever they may lead you.

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May you remember your beauty and keep shining it for all of us to enjoy! 

With love,

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