The Full Moon is in Libra this Friday, April 19th at 4:12 AM PST / 7:12 AM EST.

This week’s full moon happens on the Christian holiday of Good Friday. It’s the day they memorialize Christ’s Last Supper before nailing him to the cross to die for our sins.

This dramatic storyline is playing out in our collective consciousness from the micro to the macro level. Like the mysterious fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral and Christ’s crown of thorns relic somehow saved from the flames. It is timely, and not surprising.

Let’s stay close to home and focus on our own life for a moment. Are you having a version of Christ’s persecution in your life right now? This energy is especially playing out within romantic relationships where one person is blaming and calling out a lot of judgment on the other. A kind of shaming and finger-pointing.

If so, hang in there tiger, we’ve got a few weeks for this to play out!

This full moon, like most full moons, is a time where the energy gets amplified and people start acting a bit mad and a little out of control. You might be compelled to take a lot of risk this week, especially in regards to your sexuality (and your bank account). You may even be tempted to do something you wouldn’t dare do just a short few weeks ago. A hot steamy affair or a business risk would be totally normal under this moon, so, I’m warning you!

This would be a good time to put some new practices in place to cool the intensity and stabilize your balancing act.

The gift of this full moon glow is that you will be able to see clear energetic dynamics playing out. It’s like everyone got more psychic overnight. Suddenly you will have a new perspective on your own behavior and past issues and you will be able to see those around you in a new light as well. This is lovely but will probably be uncomfortable.  

There is a general restlessness and anxiety afoot. It comes with a feeling of impending doom or a sense that something big is gonna happen, but you don’t know what or when. We live in uncertain times and these feelings go with the territory. Don’t get me started on 5G towers and chemtrails, but they certainly exaggerate the issue.

If you are prone to feeling these waves of panic and fear, I invite you to follow my 10 tips below to alleviate your discomfort and come back into balance.

Ten Tips for Managing Anxiety, Overwhelm and Mini Panic Attacks:

  1. Take a time out from all electronic devices. I know that is a tall order, but turn off your computers, TV’s & your phone! The electronic impulse will increase feelings of dread, overwhelm, fear and anxiety.
  2. Take a walk in nature. Go for a hike, sit on the beach, go near a body of water and just allow yourself to slow down and breathe with the earth. If you can’t get into nature, lie down and take a 30-min. time out with all gadgets off and follow your breath.
  3. Ask for a hug. Physical touch grounds our nervous system.
  4. Submerge yourself in water. Do a cold plunge, jump in a pool, or take a bath. Water cleanses your energetic body instantly – it’s like hitting the refresh button on a computer that freezes up.
  5. Hydrate. We are electrical beings and you need good hydration to function. Drink lots of water, vegetable juice, and soups.
  6. Nourish your body. Eat healthy, stay away from sugar, caffeine and processed food, it will make your issue worse.
  7. Do something you love.
  8. Clear your energy field. You can find someone to do this for you, or you can do it yourself with my vertical alignment meditation.
  9. Ask for support. I know when you are feeling panic the last thing you want may want to do is call a friend, find someone safe and non-judgemental and let them help you.
  10. Do not multitask. Prioritize and complete one task at a time. You will get through it!  Baby steppin’.

We are living in a time where most of us suffer from chronic PTSD from all of the constant stress and pressure we have been inundated with for years on end. Learn how to master your energy and take back your power so you can move through the inevitable changes with mastery. Click here to join my Free Facebook support group for Mastering the Art of Change.  

It is time to level up my friends.
Play safe, be kind, and hang on!

Full moon blessings,

*PHOTO BY Maru Lombardo

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