The Full Moon is in LEO on Sunday night, January 20 @ 9:16 PM PST (Jan 21st @ 12:16AM EST). It is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse visible throughout most of North America, South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, western Atlantic Ocean, extreme western Europe, and extreme western Africa.

The next few weeks give us a Big Kabaam kinda vibe. Thanks to the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Sunday night, this moon is referred to as the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

This eclipse energy we’ve been in the last few weeks (since the new moon) is setting the stage for the next six months until the total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd.

Whenever we are within an eclipse sandwich (between a solar and lunar eclipse) we receive a hyperdrive ticket to massive transformation. Meaning, a lot of shadow energy comes up to the surface to get exposed which often results in sudden changes, especially when the eclipse is in totality, like this one!

The shadow this month is zoomed in on our love life and romantic yearnings. Our more primal desires and darker urges are getting exposed as we near this Full Moon. Are you finding yourself more randy than usual? Perhaps you are exploring other sides of your personality you don’t normally show, or having strong urges to fulfill hidden desires? You may surprise yourself this month.

You will not be able to suppress your sexual nature as you’re used to. This is totally normal under this lunar influence, so hang tight. This can be very uncomfortable for you if you are someone who is used to keeping your sexual energy under wraps.

As for your finances,  business this month can boom and catapult you forward in a bold new direction. Our money and sexual potential both stem from our 2nd chakra and this energy center in our body is expanding. We are collectively evolving our most basic instincts, evaluating our primal needs and desires and re-claiming lost parts of ourselves that we gave away.

Sudden bouts of anxiety, unexpected mishaps, and big distractions a.k.a “shiny object syndrome” will be common over the next few weeks. Our emotional body will be heightened, to put it lightly. You will probably feel more sensitive than normal and become keenly aware of what changes need to be made in your life, especially in your relationships, both in your love life and in your work life. Are you wanting to harness this transformational energy and evolve?

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. If you had more integrity with yourself what would you do differently?  Are you out of alignment with yourself? At the end of the day can you sit still and love yourself?
  2. How do you stay focused when distractions run amok? I know it might even be hard to answer this under this lunar influence, but think back to some of the things that have worked in the past.  If you are prone to anxiety and feeling discombobulated, write these ideas down and carry them around this week!
  3. What hidden sexual urges are you suppressing? Is it in your highest interest to fulfill them? Think of the probable outcome and work your way backward before answering this. What are these urges telling you?
  4. What relationships in your life are toxic and draining you of vital life force energy? How can you clear these relationships from your life or at least stop the energy drain?

This is an important time to get super clear about your values and ethics and make some adjustments. Internal urges will be helping you to break enslaved mental patterning and old emotional blocks may crack overnight. Celebrate this – it is a really amazing evolutionary time!

If this lunar energy throws you into a pit of despair, take time to parse out your feelings and ideally submerge yourself in nature so you can recalibrate to your own natural rhythms. This eclipse energy is clearing out what no longer serves us so we can have more bliss in our body! We can’t experience joy if we are clenching.

The Leo moon is highlighting what makes us special, unique and different. Get your groove on and celebrate your inner glow and that primal nature. Who are you without the toxic shame that’s been dragging you down?

Your inner glow may get exposed through some radical new experience or an explosion of your emotions. However you pop yourself open this week, please be patient with your progress. This is NOT a time to make any radical relationship decisions, give this new energy time to settle and track it. We are liberating something bold and beautiful, it can feel scary and out of control and as you know birth is messy.

Self-trust and self-care are essential right now.

If you are sensitive to the moon energies and wanting to sync up more with your primal nature, consider joining me this Summer for the next eclipse for a transformational retreat in Mount Shasta!

My 3rd Annual Rebirth & Renewal Conscious Camping Quest is July 12th – 16th. Over the course of 5-days & 4-nights, I and my ground crew, will lead 12 questers to embody their primal life force and blast through limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns. It is life-changing and a lot of fun. If you are interested, hurry up and register before January 31st to reserve your seat and get $300 off! You can learn more and get all the details here.

If you are looking for personal support and guidance to navigate big changes in your life, I have a few spots open for private sessions this month. If you are looking to harness your energy and activate your gifts, join my Mystery School to learn how to Take Back Your Power.

Contact me to request more information and set up time to get started.

Enjoy this potent energy!


Happy Eclipsing!

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