The Full Moon in Gemini on Thursday, December 11th at 9:12 PM Pacific | Dec 12th at 12:12 AM Eastern.

The full moon this month is a BIG one. I’m not referring to the size of how big it appears in the sky, but energetically this moon will have a big impact on all of us. There is an astrological aspect happening called a triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto that has a strong effect on our collective psyches as we move into the eclipse season (starting on the 26th).

The masculine and feminine energies on the planet are moving through a dynamic karmic clearing. Women (and the divine feminine within all) are rising into newfound strength, we are awakening our innate power, stepping away from the role of victimhood. Situations have gotten to a point where  a restructuring is necessary for our own well being and survival of our species. We will see this play out on the world stage as well. 

Collectively we are realizing the immense power that lies within us and learning how to claim it in a way that restructures the old patriarchal paradigm. This rising of energy has felt like an internal war raging within.

Manoeuvring your internal return to balance is not always a smooth dance, we are talking about ancestral clearings here – generational wounds that you chose to clear now. Whatever big challenges you have had this year you are being forced to find the resources within you to overcome them and develop new strategies. No need to fret – you have this innate power!

Some of us will need a strong “wake up call” to realize where this imbalance hides within us. It will show up in your finances, your primary relationship, or your health issues (hopefully not all 3!). Clearing your wounds with your mother and how you view the mother archetype and relate to your ancestral karma is being exposed for a deeper healing. Focusing on this healing and self care will help us recover quickly.

Take some time to reflect on the questions below to help you re-establish your balance actively.

  1. What is your relationship like with your mother? What emotional pain did she cause you in the past? Have you forgiven her? Do you have unresolved issues that need to be addressed? 
  2. How do you feel about the opposite sex? Do you have any repressed anger towards them? How does the pain of your mother show up as a mirror in your romantic life? 
  3. Do you enjoy your work in the world? How do you feel about the “way” you make money? How do you feel about the amount of money you make? 
  4. Are you dealing with any recurring health issues that need a deeper look? What is the cause of this issue? How does it relate to your feelings about the opposite sex? 

This is a good time to uncover what issues might be unresolved and request a deep healing. These are all second chakra issues. With the full moon being at 12:12 on 12/12 (in my timezone) it creates a 33:33 timecode. I see this as a clarion call of the mother creation energy, it is time to activate our inner creatrix. The one who creates reality consciously.

As your spirit descends into your body temple it needs to clear out all the impure energy, be it your thought forms, toxic genetic imprints, or unresolved traumas. The last few weeks of this month, leading up to the eclipse season will be a testing time.

It is time to get serious about what you want, what you stand for, and strengthen your integrity with your words and actions – especially in your love life, your finances and your reproductive health. This 2nd chakra rebalancing time is potent! It is time to claim your spiritual essence, to own your reality and create what you want to experience.

My Take Back Your Power Course will give you all the foundational tools to awaken to your internal power to balance these energies within you. Consider joining us in the Mystery School and be sure to follow our journey online. 

With love, 

*Photos by Julia Lehman-McTigue

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