The Full Moon in Gemini is on Thursday, November 22 @ 9:39 PM PST

Give thanks. Even if you don’t want to, and you may not want to this full moon. The fury and rage are rising on the planet and your anger might get pushed to the max. Giving thanks might be a tall order over the next few weeks, but I encourage you to find gratitude–even when you don’t want to–and especially when you can’t seem to find anything to be grateful for! Look to the sky (I know the smoke, the chemtrails, and cell towers are glaring), but find a bird, or a rainbow, or a tree that speaks to you and fills your heart.

Oh the truth, how it frees us, but first it stings like hell! The full moon energy is building for big expressions of pent-up energy. Lots of excitement as this energy can really spice things up and make you feel really bold. This can also feel like volcanic explosions of what’s been buried coming to the surface. All that work we’ve been doing the last few months, looking at our shadow nature, is now coming to the surface. Hidden closet doors are being swung open and sh*t is getting real. We are already seeing this in the news, in our political landscape, but it’s also happening right at home! It is one big hall of mirrors.

Duality is at its fullest peak during this full moon phase. You will see the best and the worst in others and in yourself. Find your balance as you may get pulled into divisiveness, wanting to take sides, make others evil and pose yourself against the enemy.  It is time to take full responsibility for whatever situation you find yourself in. The blame game is not going to work this round. We need to look at our own shadow and learn from challenging situations and eradicate things within ourselves that need to leave. Sure, we need to speak our minds and free pent-up emotions, but please realize when you do this that it will come flying right back at you. The energy is like a two-way superhighway right now, What you throw out there will come right back atcha!

Imagine there is an intergalactic war going on between multiple timelines and alien races jockeying for supremacy and you are not sure who’s the good guy or who’s the bad guy. There are so many unknown factors. In fact, you are not sure of your own galactic inheritance because you are an alien hybrid born into slavery and have amnesia. Then you start to remember and come to the awareness that your whole life has been one big facade of distractions to keep you asleep and passive. How would you react? What would you do? Would you gather resources and friends and head for the forests? Oh, but they are on fire… hmm… maybe you gather the brightest and the smartest to put your genius’ together to figure it out? This is the kind of helter-skelter energy afoot at this full moon. 

Big life-altering truths are on the horizon. Hang on as we are going for a collective ride with some big reveals.

Some questions to reflect on:

  1. What really pisses you off? Is there a person or situation that is making you angry? Journal about it or find a trusted friend to vent it out.
  2. Without being a martyr or a judge, what can you take responsibility for? How have your actions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions brought you into this situation?
  3. What is beautiful about your life right now? What can you celebrate or appreciate more? Make a gratitude list and carry it with you so you don’t forget!
  4. What is one change you’d like to create in your life? How can you take one step today towards making that change?

Be aware of the great duality at play,  see if you can respect both sides and find your own internal balance point. There is so much beauty in the world,  there is also so much horror. Accept that this contradiction also lives inside of you and you will be able to surf this two-faced Gemini moon with some skill. If you can accept the paradox, you will find the key to moving beyond it.

If you are wanting to learn how to navigate your internal reality check out my self-paced course Take Back Your Power!

In service,



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