Unlock Your Divine Destiny
For Healers, Social Entrepreneurs, Modern Day Mystics, Wisdom Keepers, Shamans, Planetary Healers, New Earth Architects, Environmentalists, Change Makers, Rebels, Misfits and Responsible Anarchists – get ready to unleash your potential in a grounded, effective, and practical way.

Wake Up and Be You!

Have you ever felt broken open, left wondering what’s the point of your crazy life? Have you been lost inside the lens of life’s kaleidoscope, unable to fit the pieces back together?

In Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny you will discover that a cosmic shift has hit the fan and golden crumbs are flying everywhere! Synchronicity is on the rise and its magic is raining down upon us. So what do all these meaningful coincidences mean? And what’s possible as we learn to follow their trail? 

Synchronicity is directing you somewhere…would you like to know where?

>>> Understand the wisdom in synchronicity
>>> Learn practices to stay in the flow
>>> Find happiness for no reason
>>> Magnetize your soul group & twin flame
>>> Awaken unexplored magical abilities
>>> And unlock your divine destiny…

Don’t delay, time is of the essence!

FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Experience Synchronicity with the Interactive Companion Workbook  
- Twenty-one full color pages of practical exercises to master your energy
- An instructional Video to take back your power
- An 11 min. MP3 Meditation you can do anywhere for instant alignment
- Inspirational music playlists + much, much more! 

Amelía is a pioneer operating at the edge of humanity’s collective evolution.  In this debut book, she offers sage advice for our liberation in this rapidly changing reality. Throughout her career spanning India, Japan and the USA, she has helped thousands to find their life’s purpose and put the pieces back together.

"Synchronicity is a practical and highly accessible companion for any seeker of truth!”

“This book was a profound and simple road map to unlocking my personal magic and finding clarity.”


"Gave me practices to dive deeper into exploration of myself and the process of awakening." 


"If you're ready to allow true happiness and abundance into your life, there's a something in this book for everyone... no matter how challenging life is for you, right now." 

Amelía Aeon Karris
Author, Conscious Business Developer, Sustainable Lifestyle Designer

Amelía Aeon Karris author of Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny is a way-seer, trend-setter & the founding director of Know The Self, in which she guides truth seekers to access their innate wisdom.

Amelía has helped thousands of people to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, and live out their divine destinies.

Her mission is to wake up humanity’s sleeping potential, magnetize soul groups together, protect psychic children, and traverse our present massive shifts in consciousness.