MOUNT SHASTA, CA    |    August 3rd - 7th 2017








  You will never be the same again.

Spend 5 days & 4 nights clearing your deepest fears and liberating your authentic self. 

The ultimate "RE-SET" 

We will camp out in a vortex area on Mt. Shasta, under the stars, completely disconnected from technology and city life.

There will be time for silence, deep introspection, and soulful connections with a sweet community.

Organic vegetarian meals will be lovingly prepared by a renowned chef. 
This Rebirth & Renewal Conscious Camping Quest will radically shift your reality.

August 3rd - 7th 2017

Magestic & Magical

Why Mt. Shasta?

Mount Shasta is known as the most powerful vortex point in North America. This volcanic mountain has been revered as a sacred place of power by numerous native tribes, for thousands of years.

Located in Northern California, just south of the Oregon border, Mount Shasta is considered the root chakra of the earth (the most primal of the earth chakras). 
People are drawn here from all over the world and often have no idea why.

Our campsite is located on a vortex-portal point capable of folding space and time within its field. It condenses and 'zips' space more potently than any other area in North America.

People have had wild, unexplainable experiences out here that have led to great awakenings about their inner nature. It's the place to go to release your fears and get deeply grounded in your primal nature.

Sleeping on the earth and experiencing the activity in the night sky in this potent place, clears the physical body and re-structures your cellular memory. You will feel safe and held as you release old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

What's Included?

* 5 days + 4 Nights Camping + Transformational Work + Personal Quest

* High Frequency Vortex Location

* Your Experienced Guide

* Organic Vegetarian Meals Prepared by a Renowned Chef

* UNWIND Movement and Healing Modality

* Guided Meditation 

* R&R Guidebook/Journal

What you can expect to receive:
>>> Deepen your connection to spirit
>>> Explore other realms of existence
>>> Harmonize with nature
>>> Get nourished at every level of your being
>>> Commune with deeply loving souls
>>> Experience magical gateways / vortex energy
>>> Ground higher frequency in your body
>>> Release your fears & limiting beliefs
>>> Activate your soul’s authentic blueprint


The R&R Process

Watch this short video and hear Nina share her life transformations as a result of attending Amelía's Rebirth & Renewal Retreat two years in a row.

Click here to see pics of R&R 2015.

The Rebirth & Renewal Process 



Thursday, August 3rd

Arrive: 2pm-4pm Orientation + pick your camping spot & set up your new homebase, roam around and familiarize yourself with the land. You’ll be encouraged to find a spot away from others. We will have a lot of privacy there. There will also be a communal tent if needed. 

Dinner: At basecamp. We will enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal together prepared by our amazing chef, Bianca.

Evening Circle: Setting the energy and intentions for the retreat together - entering into silence for the next 2 days.



Friday, August 4th (Day of Silence)

Breakfast Bar: Organic nourishing food in the cozy food tent.

Morning Session: UNWIND Movement modality & group Soul Dive lead by Amelía.  
This is movement healing modality that combines dance, qi-gong and yoga type movements, to activate deep tissue release leading into a cathartic meditation state. This provides soulful nourishment that awakens your sleeping DNA. Unwind is a group healing experience but personal attention is offered to assist you to go deeper. 

You will receive your own personal Rebirth & Renewal Transformational Guidebook with instructions for the day (to help you focus and asssist you in your personal quest).

Lunch: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal in silence.

Afternoon Quest Time: This is your time to hike, rest, or find a tree to sit by as you do your inner Rebirth & Renewal questing work (this will look different for everyone).

Dinner: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal.

Evening Session: Sharing circle, bonfire (if weather permits), stargazing.



Saturday, August 5th (Day of Silence)

Breakfast Bar: Organic nourishing food in the cozy food tent.

Morning Session: UNWIND Movement modality & group Soul Dive lead by Amelía.  

Lunch: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal in silence.

Afternoon Quest Time: This is your time to hike, rest, or find a tree to sit by as you do your inner Rebirth & Renewal questing work (this will look different for everyone).

Dinner: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal.

Evening Session: Sharing circle, bonfire (if weather permits), stargazing.



Sunday, August 6th (outing day - break the silence)

Breakfast Bar: Organic nourishing food in the cozy food tent.

Morning Session: Group Meditation & Partner work.  

(Break our Silence)

Lunch: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal.

Travel together to Castle Lake. Time to socialize & meet our fellow questers.
We swim, bathe, hike, and enjoy the lake.

Dinner: Delicious nourishing vegetarian meal.

Evening Session: Drum Circle. Celebration night

Monday, August 7th

Breakfast Bar: Organic nourishing food in the cozy food tent.

Morning Session: UNWIND Movement modality & group Soul Dive lead by Amelía. 

Closing Circle: Sharing experiences. Retreat concludes.

The Healing Modality 

A group movement practice

Amelía discovered this modality in deep meditation in 2005 to heal the pain body also known as the body double, the Ka or the shadow body. It can be best described as a combination of yoga philosophy, with chi gung, taichi, and dance to unleash your human potential. Amelía guides the group with direction to keep you going inwards and a powerful group field gets activated that creates a trance like cathartic release. The movement part is followed by meditation and rest for deep integration. Amelía moves around the circle to assist people individually in their journey to connect you deep inside yourself to find your own healing power and unwind any trauma or trapped emotions. It restores the body at a cellular level and provides more space for your spirit to free itself.

This practice is done with eyes closed or with a blindfold to loud music and at times live drumming.



UNWIND Explained
Watch this informative video interview with Satya Ra Priest of The Resonance Radio Project asking Amelía to explain her unique healing/movement modality UNWIND and its origins.


Amelía Aeon Karris

seer, creator of UNWIND, author & expert rebirth & renewal guide

Who am I to be guiding you?

As a 5 year-old child I used to roam the foothills alone for hours at a time looking for snakes to catch for my older brother. Being alone in nature has taught me how to harmonize with the earth and connect me to my inner knowing. All my troubles just melt away when I commune with the trees, the dirt and interact with wildlife.

As an adult I have lived in remote areas for years at a time – from a small cabin in the woods, to rural Indian villages, to living on a wildlife reserve where wild elephants, bears, tigers, leopards, wild boar, monkeys, and wild dogs roam freely.

In 2005, I participated in a Native American Vision Quest which consisted of surviving five days without food or water. I slept outside alone in the icy cold forest without a tent listening for spirit messages. That quest totally transformed my life.

Last summer, I lived out on Mount Shasta in this exact place we will be questing for nearly three months straight. I spent three weeks out there alone with no one in sight, coming to town only a few times a week to get supplies and teach my classes over the internet. It was the most extraordinary summer I ever had and I want to share the magic of that experience with you.

In the last year I have held seven retreats in the Mount Shasta area helping attendees ground their authentic presence and claim their life purpose.

As the founder of Know The Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living, I assist my students to master their energy and activate their true work in the world. I’ve been holding retreats in the USA and India for the last twelve years and have helped thousands of people liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, establish sustainable lifestyles and live out their divine destinies.

Bianca Palma

Bianca Palma is a trained culinary chef and ceramicist. She has prepared food in a wide range of settings from metropolitan bistro's to celebrity chef, her love and passion for food is evident in each meal prepared.

Catering to a wide diversity of ethnic and dietary requirements has provided for experience with vegan/paleo/gluten-free menu options unique to each client's request and needs.

​Focus on infusing each dish to be eaten with joy, love, and spirit, increases the abundance and quality of experience in facilitating healing and growth while in a retreat setting, surrounded by nature, water, and sunlight.

To learn more about Bianca and see a sample menu, check out her website.


do I bring my own camping gear?
Yes, yes you do girl! If you do not own gear, we will help you to find low cost gear. If you are afraid to camp alone, there will be a common tent for your peace of mind. 

will there be drugs of any kind?
No drugs, no alcohol, no plant medicines allowed. Mount Shasta is so magical and we are at a high elevation 7,000 feet so you will be high on a natural high!
how do i get there?
It is best you arrive by car, there wil be a private FB group to help you find ride shares. Mount Shasta is 4 hours from the Bay Area and one hour from Redding, CA airport and one hour from Medford, OR airport.
do I need to hike all my gear to the campsite?
Nope. The cars can be parked next to the camp spot so there is no need to shlep stuff very far from your vehicle. This is called "glamping".  
where do i pee?
There is no running water at the campsite, we will have compost toilets available and there is lots of privacy for activating your animal instincts.
what exactly do I need to bring?

Sleeping bag, Tent, Bug repellant (not many mosquitos but some),​​​​​ good hiking/walking shoes, flip flops or river shoes, swimsuit, towel, wet wipes come in handy, water containers! (You can fill up at the local spring for the best water or come already stocked) A full list of things to prepare will be given to you within plenty of notice.

do I have to sleep alone?
​​​​​​Everyone sleeps in private tents. This is a personal quest so there will be no couples sharing a tent. You'll be encouraged to find a place to set up far from the others in the big meadow. If you are not comfortable with that, there will be a communial tent for those who are not yet ready for the solo experience. 
who should NOT attend?
If you have physical ailments that prevent you from walking on uneven surfaces, you may want to reconsider this. You will need to be physically fit to walk and sleep on the forest floor. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who we do not feel is the right fit for this excursion. 

Shamanic Healer
"This was above and beyond any trip I have ever been on! The level of integrity, the love and the goal that everyone was aspiring for was so powerful. My mind was blown, there was no judgement. I have so much courage to go home and be the best example I can be."
Nina B.
"I have been attending workshops guided & produced by Amelía since early 2014. I always come into each experience curious, and leave full - of life, wisdom & joy. The personal work I have done with Amelía has been transformational to say the least, and always leaves me excited for what is next."
Satya Ra
"Amelía's UNWIND is all i need! It is something else, it's totally otherworldly. My mind is blown! Working with Amelía has exceeded my expectations. I was shown so many gifts I didn't know I had and ways i can use those gifts which I didn't think of before.  It has totally transformed my life."

As soon as you say YES, the adventure begins!
You will recieve a series of emails and helpful tips preparing you for this adventure up until your departure and after your departure.

Only a Few Spots Left!

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