I See You Hiding in the Shadows

of Your Potential

There are No Schools

No Businesses or Institutions

That Teach you How to

Track Down your Soul’s Mission.

I’m here for it.

Get to Work

Hola Spirited One!

Let’s get down to business. I’m not only talking about how you make money – but how you feel about all aspects of your life. Are you in alignment with your primal liberated nature? Do you feel congruent in your relationships and honoring of the secretly emotional, somewhat overwhelming visions and goals you crave for your life? Are you ready to stop pushing them aside and bring them to life? I’m here to assist.  I infuse entrepreneurial tactics with illuminating shadow work and self mastery practices to ground raw power and craft a lifestyle and business freedom you will cherish for generations to come.

To our collective liberation, 

Aeon xoxo

Author, Master Mystic + Leadership Consultant


Read the Book

Get the critical tools you need to skillfully navigate your expanding awareness of synchronicity. You will learn how to contain your personal power, how to stop being manipulated, and learn how to activate your unique soul path.

Listen to the Podcast

Relationships are critical to everything we do in life. Our sexual nature contains our most primal life force and it’s intricately related to our finances and sense of self worth. It needs our attention.

Get Supported

Choose your commitment level. From a day to a year. From online courses to private mentorship, or transformational retreats, you will have the tools and structure you need to ground a big vision for your life and your business.

underwater photo by Julia Lehman

Become a force of nature

This isn’t your first rodeo.

You’ve been here before. You’ve got power inside you begging to burst forth. Maybe you question it, maybe you wonder if it’s an over inflated ego, or perhaps that whisper inside is actually your TRUE self? Then what? You’d have to drop the mask.

I’m here to assist. I got your back.

I get it.

how to work with me

Do You Feel A Calling?

Reach out and tell me what moves you. How you found me & ideally, how you’d like me to support you.

Make Space

Take a moment to consciously carve your path of purpose. How soon do you want support? What’s your commitment level?


Choose Your Track

There are a few ways to work with me. Choose your desired outcome + budget + commitment level & let’s dive in.


Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda

Our podcast was created with the sole intention to release toxic shame, illuminate our shadow nature and expose the mysterious entities that feed off our most precious life force –  our sexual energy.

Live @ PDC YES, Aeon talks about Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda

On May 1, 2022, Aeon spoke to a live audience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the PDC Yes Event about Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda.She shares how she activated her kundalini energy and began speaking with departed loved ones who guided her in mastering her...

Entity Extractions, Spiritual Warfare & Going Sober

Are you getting messages that you need to release alcohol or other substances but have been struggling to do it? Do you see spirits or suspect entity attachments? If so, you will want to listen to Part 4 with our guest, Oracle Medicine Woman Valentine Lovecraft...

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