Tonight’s New Moon is in Virgo, it happens at 10:30pm PST.

This is the perfect time to stabilize and grow some deep roots. Unlike the last month of big dreams and scattered energy, now it’s time to get to work!

What are you wanting to create in your life? This Virgo New Moon is the time to get out the whiteboard, the vision board, the flowcharts, the budget tools and make your ideas and dreams actionable. Plan, plan, plan yourself into a Virgo frenzy. The energy is now ripe for putting all those random pieces of your life into place.

That big energy shift we felt at the solar eclipse wants to be grounded into actionable steps. No more dreaming about it, now we just gotta get it done.

Are you still confused and out of sorts from the big eclipse shift? It is understandable it was a whirlwind of energy. Things are going to start making more sense now. With this kind of astral support things are finally able to get sorted out. Use this time wisely and start sorting through the pieces that crumbled in ALL areas of your life. Restore your personal integrity and things will fall into place.
If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, download this handy worksheet to help you focus, or simply start at home. Clean your house, your closets, that drawer you stuff everything in…sort through what you have. What is it that you want to keep and what can be given away, sold, or let go of? Make space for your new reality to come to life.

If you can’t face your mess on your own (in whatever area of your life feels most dramatic), ask a dear friend, or hire someone to help you! Help is abundant right now under these circumstances so set up those co-working dates, or just lock yourself inside till it’s done.

How can you ask for more support?

May this Virgo energy support you to make your dreams a reality!

New Moon Blessings to you,



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