New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday, August 11 @ 2:58 AM PST.

Finally, the end of this wild eclipse sandwich! We still have six planets in retrograde so we aren’t out of the woods just yet, but the light shining on the horizon is hopeful (if you choose to see it that way). The energy is high, people are anxious, doubtful, empowered and scared – a trippy combination.

On August 8th we step through the Lion’s Gate, a time when the planet Sirius is close to earth and aligns perfectly with the Egyptian pyramids in Giza. It is a time when new information comes through like “downloads” and inspires us to remember the ancient wisdom that lives in our cells.

These are intense, surprising times and it’s in times like this that we wake up to our capacity to grow, expand, and learn how to stretch to meet the demands of being alive at such an evolutionary time. Your state of mind impacts everything you do, so notice your disposition and make the mental adjustments necessary if you want to stay sane and enjoy yourself. Are you ready to step into the design of your potential, or are you still scared and clinging to your self-sabotaging ways?

This Leo New Moon is full of power and hormones so take care not to get too hot-headed or too lustful and horny. This is a time when acting out can cause you some serious grief. Think through your responses before you react to a triggering situation as we are in the midst of so many planets in retrograde that a small disagreement can end up in a massive war. Your past is being highlighted now, so those old wounds, past lovers, past hurts, or regrets are coming back into view for you to heal them. Cool down your ego with some much-needed rest and relaxation and check in with yourself daily by getting some quality alone time.

This eclipse energy can be challenging to navigate as you will want to act out and be a bit rebellious and bold. Slow down, cool off and consider sitting tight and holding back a bit to nurture any big feelings emerging before expressing yourself. Any bold statements you make right now will most likely trigger people. Remember, it is fire season and you don’t want to ignite a spark you can’t control!

Feminine energy is especially hot and feisty right now and power play will appear in relationships. Girlfriends, try to keep your cool, check your ego, and please don’t take out a lifetime of rage on the next guy who happens to step on your toes. Men, please be patient with the women in your life – we are collectively healing some very deep wounds and we are close to a resolution, but the closer we get – the more impatient everyone feels. Anger is close to the surface these days and revenge is never a good solution.  

New Moon/Eclipse reflections to ponder:

  • What were you doing last summer during the total solar eclipse? What were you grappling with then? This energy is now coming to its completion. Track it, name it, and claim your path forward. Specifically look at your love life, your family status, and your financial situation.
  • What negative patterns are you noticing as a theme in your life?
  • What new patterns can you introduce to disrupt the negative ones?

Take some time to get clear on some new protocols, new routines, and new ideas to help you overcome any old patterns you are ready to release. Enlist an accountability buddy to help you stick to this new system and really shift your negative patterns once and for all! We all need support to overcome these big hurdles.

Take time every day to cultivate compassion for yourself and for all your relations. These are trying times and people are really struggling to upgrade their lives and walk powerfully through this grand gateway. Deep, slow breaths my friends.

Gather with those you love, celebrate life, and be grateful for all that you have. Consider investing in the replay of my Rebirth & Renewal workshops, these power-packed, two-hour workshops will support you to abolish self-sabotage, discover your divine mission and transmute your pain into power. I am offering both workshops for only $80 (a $270 savings off the original price). Click here to get instant access.

Use this eclipse time wisely and power up! Allow divine grace to shower you with blessings. Focus your thoughts, energy, and emotions on positivity – let’s grow stronger together!

With love,

*Photo by Jean-Francois Durand


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