On Sunday, September 9th @ 11:01 AM the New Moon is in Virgo.

Are you feeling the electricity in the air? I am. Wow, so much static and electrical energy from the Sun. We are in Virgo energy and as a Virgo myself, I have to say I love this moon!! It is a new beginning and it brings hope along with the capacity to endure all that is in store for us.

We are entering into a new phase of energy frequency on the planet. We are at a major crossroads and we have a decision to make about how we want to experience our life. With all the fires, earthquakes, floods, typhoons and political mayhem going on around the world we are being corralled into a massive shifting point.

There is nothing to fear. All the tools and information needed to escape the nightmare gnawing at our dreams is right at our fingertips. This Virgo moon offers us step-by-step practical solutions and incredible discernment.  You can choose to focus on the beauty of the truth or choose to stay stuck in the fear, chaos, and trauma loop. Big truths are being revealed and even though the truth shocks and stings and causes serious reactions, this drama is necessary for the beauty that comes once the truth is fully digested. Get ready to expand your minds and your hearts.

The fact that you are reading this message tells me that you are a spiritual warrior and will be called into greater leadership roles within your community in the coming weeks and months ahead. The need for grounded, awake, open-hearted people who can handle the truth will be called on to shift the power dynamic on the planet. Stay centered friends!!

As we near this seasonal shift of the Autumn Equinox, we get a big display of the polarized world we live in. Shadows get longer as the light dims. This is a time of celebration. You might be thinking, “celebrate what?” You decide what you want to celebrate, that’s the beauty of this new moon energy. It is time to laugh in the face of fear, find the silver lining, and smoke out the demons snacking on your mental confusion. Fear is an illusion put in place to distract and control you. We are being bombarded with tons of fear-porn right now and it’s losing its grip – hallelujah!

Things are getting real – real quick!

Here are some questions to ponder at this potent time:

  1. How well do you handle new truths? Think back to a surprising truth that happened in your past, how did you deal with it? How did it alter your life?
  2. If you had all the money you could hope for, how would you serve the world? What would you do to offer a service to the world? What cause(s) would you be committed to solving?  
  3. What if all this destruction and corruption we are faced with is merely a wakeup call to get off the couch, to step away from your computer, your phone, and your cozy life–and get out onto the streets interacting with people face-to-face? How would that make you feel?
  4. What can you celebrate right now? It can be something as simple as digesting your food well, to releasing a toxic pattern. Give thanks for each and every little thing that lights you up!

The world is changing quickly, we need you to remember why you came here and start offering your deepest gift!

Do you know what your deepest gift is? If you are ready to seriously tune into your soul’s calling, and find out who you are at the soul level apply to be a new initiate in my Mystery School for Modern Day Living. In my live, online, small group, customized activations I will guide you how to take back your power and stand in your sovereign energy. You will learn how to dismantle the fear programs and claim your authentic calling. This is a one-year, life-changing intensive that will put you solidly on your soul path. It will transform and enhance all of your relations. I give you the foundational teachings and spiritual activations for a truly authentic embodiment, guiding you each step of the way. If you are interested to get more information, click here for the details and apply for one of my limited seats.

This is a new beginning for all of us. If darkness falls upon the Earth (or within your psyche) please lie still, be at peace, know that a new earth is emerging and when the sun returns after a few days you will awake and be re-birthed into a new era of new found freedom.

Be strong and stay positive!

May you always be guided by your innate wisdom.


*Photo by Denys Argyriou

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