The New Moon is in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th @ 4:48 AM PST.

The New Moon in Taurus helps us stabilize the big changes that have been taking place. For some of you, the big change is yet to come, for others you have already been “in it” and surfing your way through. If you find yourself getting nervous when you hear “big changes”  I invite you to take a deep breath and imagine these big changes as a welcome surprise, something you’ve been dreaming and desiring, rather than a big challenge. Keep in mind, that it’s probably NOT what you think it is. The Universe is unpredictable and likes to keep us on our toes, so allow yourself to be surprised by what exactly this “big change” will be.

How can the Universe provide you what you need if things stayed the same? Change is good, it evolves us to a higher state of being. See if you can welcome new change and trust that this Taurus energy will help you stabilize whatever upsets the change may bring in its wake.

Taurian energy is sweet, stable, grounded and loving. Allow the winds of change to carry you to your next evolutionary whirl and activate your faith muscle to surrender any worries or fears about what might need to change in your life. There will be time to mourn any losses that may result from the change, but there is no sense in clinging or fearing it before you even know what it is! Right? Use this new moon energy to fine tune your support structures and stabilize your personal energy.

Somehow, many of us have become fixed in our attachments and need for things to stay the same. Below are some reflections for you to ponder during Tuesday’s New Moon shadow to help you move through this cycle with clarity, ease, and joy.

New Moon Reflections:

    1. What is the worst that can happen? I know this is a crazy question but I want you to face down your biggest fear (for a moment – don’t hang out there) just allow yourself to admit it.
    2. If that terrible thing happened, what would then be possible? In other words, if something was lost, what might be allowed space?
    3. Get specific about the most positive outcomes that could be possible after such a huge change? I want you to imagine the most incredible gift that could come from your worst case scenario.
    4. What aspects or areas of your life feels unstable, unsustainable, or shaky? What is one step you can take to stabilize it? When will you take the first step?
    5. What support do you need right now to feel more stable? How can you make that possible?
    6. Now look at your worst case scenario again, does it still feel scary?

These questions may challenge you or bring up additional fears, but I want you to look head on and allow a positive outcome to result from whatever “big change” you may fear in your life. Change is inevitable and you can learn to surf it with a big authentic smile on your face.

Your worst case scenario might be something you are worried about in your personal life like your partner may leave you, maybe its a bankruptcy you are fearing, or a strange fear that you might contract a horrible disease and die early. Or maybe your worst case scenario might be something you fear could happen to the whole planet, like World War III, Armageddon, a massive natural disaster, or a zombie apocalypse?

Whatever change you fear, I want you to admit it, stare it down, and see what positive outcomes may result from it and allow yourself to actualize your adaptable nature, you know that part of you that can handle whatever life throws you. For example, maybe a zombie apocalypse will help you discover your latent superpowers to mutate yourself to not be affected by an evil agenda? See, it can be that wild, just allow yourself to see positivity beyond the fear.  

Too often we cling to fear like a friend – it is not our friend! This type of fear holds us back and keeps us frozen and hiding. Identify those ugly fears, write them down, and allow yourself to see the flip side of the fear and accept the gift it might bring. Perhaps your inner fearful, nagging grandma can sit back and enjoy the journey and welcome the change? Cause change is a comin’!

New moon blessings,

PS. Fear is challenging and can often be gripping and relentless, especially if it is really old (like childhood traumas, past life traumas, or irrational fears from our ancestors). Dealing with old fears may cause you to feel powerless in trying the above exercise. If you are wanting more support to move through big changes, reach out and make sure you subscribe to my Moon Blog.  I will keep you aware of all my free resources and keep you tuned in with my upcoming online events, in person retreats, and private services.  As an expert change-agent and ancient soul, I am here to assist in the big changes taking place on the planet and eradicate fear. I’d be happy to guide you on your journey.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao


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