On Thursday, December 6th @ 11:20 PM PST the New Moon is in Sagittarius.

This is the last new moon of 2018, Wow, what a year, eh?

It’s always an interesting energy when the Gregorian year comes to a close. In the USA everyone seems to scramble for the holiday shopping and works really hard to tie up loose ends to make a fresh start in January. This scramble to the so-called finish line is totally opposite of what the new moon and this time of year is about.

The new moon offers us a time to reflect and take inventory of our lives, it offers us time to pause and check our intentions. The darkness of winter is a time to slow down and spend more time at home with near and dear ones, make your home cozy and chill out – give yourself a break.  This Sagittarius new moon has a particular energy to it that offers a grounded sense of raw reality. I use the word “raw” rather than “harsh” because the shock is behind us, it was revealed last month. Now it’s time to accept the raw truth of how things have turned out, deal with it and move forward regardless if we like the circumstances or not. 

With all of the hundreds of thousands of people who recently lost their home due to the wildfires, there is a new reality being shown to all of us. Simple living is being highlighted now, rather than sophisticated city living. Basic needs are for food, shelter, warmth, and love are more important than a new gadget or a new pair of shoes. 

What would your life be like without all the gadgets, luxuries, tv shows, distractions, and past-times? This new moon energy is asking you to find out. Take time for yourself and slow down for the next two weeks to dive deep within and focus on your basic needs.

Here are some reflections for you to ponder:

  1. How much time do you actually spend in nature each week? If its less than an hour, please make this a priority! It’s essential for your mental health and well being.
  2. Do you take time each day to just simply be alone with yourself? Do you have leisure time to allow yourself to stare at the clouds, watch a sunset, stargaze, or take a nap? If not, allow yourself at least 30 min a day to just be still without distractions.
  3. What is truly important to your survival? What are your basic needs? What could you live without?
  4. What does safety feel like in your body? What does safety feel like in your home? Dig deep with this one, your answer might surprise you.
  5. What can you do to make the world more kind, loving, and supportive? Ponder this often and take action!

Your primal energy will be stronger in the next few weeks. You may find yourself exploring hedonistic tendencies that will have you looking more closely at your addictions. This is a good time to take inventory on your cravings. Specifically around your sexuality, your substance usage, and your overall health. This new moon is a great time to detox and purge the unwanted from your life. If you have excess stuff (we all do), consider sharing generously with those in need.

Honesty and integrity will help you iron out the kinks in your life and steer clear of the hedonistic indulgence. Stay true to your heart’s desires, keep your intentions clear, and linger in the present moment.

In service,

*Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro

P.S. My sweet soul sister, Amanda Greene needs our help! The last month has been very challenging as she suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – neuroendocrine tumors – stage 4!

A group of her close friends has come together to raise money to support her healing journey with alternative care. She has recently started her first round of chemo to stop the growth of the tumors and needs additional therapies that her insurance does not cover. Please do what you can – share this Gofundme link, donate to her treatment and please, please send your prayers and blessings. If you know of any incredible treatments for this type of cancer let me know. She is too young and so cherished by all those who know her. To donate or share this click here.  




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