New Moon in Pisces is on Sunday February 23  @ 7:32 AM Pacific | 10:32 AM Eastern 

Are you taking action towards your dreams and making them your reality? I know there is a lot of crazy cray in the world right now to keep you distracted and entertained like the coronavirus, global warming, corrupt politics, fake news, 5G exposure. . . it’s a huge shit show of fear porn and don’t be surprised if the news gets even more bizarre and surprising day by day.  

This new moon in Pisces is all about releasing excess baggage and the heavy energy you might be clinging to. It’s time to welcome in more of what you want and let go of what you don’t want!  With Mercury in retrograde until March 10th, this is also the perfect time to review your past and make all the necessary changes in your life to propel you towards your deepest desires in mid March.

You may start feeling an itch to try something radically new altogether –  I say, go for it! Especially if you’ve been feeling stuck, tired, or depleted! This is a perfect time to identify if there is something in your life that is sucking life force away from you and put a stop to it. 

As you level up in your consciousness and on your path to fulfill your divine destiny, you will have moments where you need to make some big choices. The choices you need to make right now might not be easy for you or popular with the people they affect. However, how you make your choices is the key to how you experience your life. 

Do your choices bring you joy, freedom and prosperity? Or are your choices causing you to live in fear, to be anxious, to overwork, be underpaid, or feel a constant state of lack in your life?  

Take a moment to reflect:

  1. What do you wish to experience in your life? 
  2. Where do you currently feel stuck? What in your life is not advancing the way you want? 
  3. Identify in your body where this stuck energy is located. (Its probably showing up as a health issue). 
  4. Try to see your situation (where you are stuck) from a radically different perspective. View the issue as if you are a wise elder. What advice would your wise elder give you today? 
  5. What radical new approach might you take to clearing this energetic block?

This new moon in Pisces will help you swim to the depths of your subconscious and emotional nature. The water element is divinely feminine in nature and it rules the psychic realms and hidden mysteries. This new moon is reminding you of the importance of your intuition and nudging you to bring your internal knowing front and center. No more ignoring your gut instincts or wanting other people to make choices for you. 

This is a perfect time to reflect on your life and catch up with yourself. Make some positive changes and align your choices with your deepest desires. 

Are you looking for a mentor to guide you towards your divine destiny? I have private and group programs for men and women 35+ who are ready to activate and ground their soul’s mission in the world. If you are ready to stop making excuses and manifest a life aligned to your higher self, book a private consultation with me to get all the details. 

Remember, with every ending there is a beautiful new beginning. Making space for the things you want in your life will require you to let go of things that aren’t working. 

Take a leap, you might find out you have huge wings! 

With love,

*Photo by Joshua Earle

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