The New Moon is in Libra on Monday, October 8th @ 8:47 PM PST.

Stargazing anyone?? The Draconids Meteor Shower happens from October 6th – 12th in the Northern Hemisphere and peaks during the dark moon. Meteors from the constellation Draco will rain down upon us, so get out there, away from the city lights and make some powerful wishes!

Magic is in the air. Can you feel it? Libra encourages us to find our balance and rest in our inner peace.

During this time of seasonal change, we can really feel our dualistic nature at play. This is a great time to create more balance in our lives, to take inventory, get more rest, and detox what is no longer working in your life.  

Notice where you get pulled too far on one side and where you overcompensate and swing to the other side. We all have a dramatic inner personality so take notice of how yours chooses to act out. This is not a time to bypass your emotions by wearing rose colored glasses and avoiding your pain. Nor is it a time to wallow in the shit and fall into a deep depression. See if you can be open to the full gamut that your reality offers you and simply choose the best options in order to have an experience you want to have. Remember, you always have a choice, you have free will, and you can change perceptions at will!

Venus is in retrograde for the next six weeks which brings love and money into a deeper review. Take a moment to grab your journal and reflect on this energy to get the most out of this new moon shadow.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. What relationship patterns are you noticing in your love life? Is there anything you wish would be different? Journal about this.
  2. How do you feel in your current financial situation? What patterns are you experiencing?
  3. What can you learn from these repeating patterns with money and love? Do you see any correlation between the two?
  4. Write down the experience you want to have in both areas. Imagine what it would feel like if that ideal experience was your reality. How does it feel?
  5. What behaviors do you have that may be blocking your ideal experience from happening?
  6. What choices can you make today, and in the coming weeks, towards making that ideal experience a reality?

Our imaginal realm is critical to our inner navigation system. If you can imagine what an experience feels like, you have the power within you to make it a reality. Give yourself permission to imagine a more beautiful reality. When you do that you unlock the codes you carry that holds solutions the world needs. This not only gives you access to a more pleasant experience but opens doorways for others to achieve it as well. 

We are living at a time where our spiritual nature is being revealed to us and our souls are descending into the physical realm. Dimensional gateways are opening up and we are able to tap into our human potential as co-creators. This is a powerful time to be alive! What is your role? 

Do you know that you have a purpose beyond your day job? Are you feeling called to serve humanity in a powerful way? Are you looking for a guide to help you activate your gifts and master your energy? Then apply for a seat in my Mystery School! Registration closes on October 12th. This is a one-year program to activate your gift and master your authentic presence.

You are invited to join my private Facebook group to meet others, just like you, in their process of grounding their light! It is time to activate your gift and claim your spiritual inheritance! 

Live life on purpose!

*Photo by Harry Quan


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