The New Moon in Cancer happens on Thursday, July 12th, 2018 @ 7:48 PM PST.

Are you feeling bold and expressive? This week’s new moon allows the feminine wisdom within to express some deep-rooted wisdom that might have felt shut down and repressed in the recent past. Cancer rules our home life and helps us access the emotional depths of our being, the deep feminine waters. The partial solar eclipse will bring things that were hiding in the shadow to the forefront. Don’t be surprised if you get surprised at what reveals itself with this transit! This is a week of grand finales, small twists of fate, and open doorways.  

If you are feeling challenged, give thanks! Your challenges are helping you overcome some old mental programs that are ready to break loose – so get ready for a serious upgrade. Pay attention to the story you are telling yourself, especially noting the outdated repetitive story of victimization and the role you are playing in whatever challenge you face. Are you sitting in the bleachers as a bystander to your life experience, letting it all play out, and feeling helpless of the outcome? Or, are you clear about your own needs, feelings, and desires – expressing your inner wisdom and dancing your life awake?

Take a moment to reflect on the energy of the New Moon by answering these questions in your journal:

  1. What does safety feel like to you? Not sure, take a moment to imagine it. In what area of your life are you feeling vulnerable, exposed, or fearful?
  2. Do you know what you want from your love life? If not, seek clarity and imagine what is possible if you allow yourself to tap your deep desires.
  3. Are you feeling loved, valued and heard? If not, don’t just sit back and stay silent, find ways to lovingly express yourself and allow people an opportunity to listen and respond.
  4. What were you challenged with last year at this time? What pattern is still playing out? What is different about the pattern? Note any positive changes.

This week kicks off the eclipse season and we have three in a row which is somewhat rare and can feel like a roller coaster to navigate so keep up your daily practices. The next full moon is a big energetic gateway and a total lunar eclipse followed by another partial solar eclipse. We simultaneously have six planets in retrograde, so during this time a lot of our past issues will come to the surface for a final healing. Allow your outgrown patterns to transcend to the light. Allow solutions to rain down like gifts from the sky and give thanks for the beautiful and precious life you have.

Make the most of this auspicious time by keeping love in the forefront. Love what is and allow love to lift you out of the darkness.

May all beings know love. May all beings be liberated from fear. May all beings be free.

With love,

*Photo by Julia Ceaser

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