The New Moon is in Aries on Friday, April 5th @ 1:50 AM PST / 4:51 AM EST.

What a year 2019 has been so far! The illusion of time is being made very apparent, how it slips and slides and plays trick with our mind scapes. Four months can feel like 4 days, and at the same time, 4 years! Are you experiencing a new relationship to time? We are learning to live outside of it.

This Friday’s new moon in Aries has a paradoxical nature to it. Aries is the starting point of the zodiac, offering us a fresh perspective, a re-birth, and some new creative energy.

On one hand, you may experience a need to have close connections and share deeply with those around you, while on the other hand, feel a deep desire to go into silence, isolate, withdrawal and lay low.

There is a collective resilience emerging. A knowing that with each challenge we face there is a simultaneous blessing and opportunity.  This concept is no longer a “positive thought” practice for spiritual seekers, it has become our collective truth. More and more seemingly non-“spiritual seekers” are able to see the blessing within such grim situations. Our collective field is now wide awake to this paradox. I beieve it came about as a natural coping mechanism, an adaptation for greater resilience. However, it gives proof to consciousness expanding and our collective awakening to receive and give more love.

The shadow nature of Aries, however can at times feel immature and dramatic, loud and attention seeking. Finding the midpoint between our own extreme natures is the path to transcendence. I urge you to notice how your personal pendulum swings from happy to sad, from drama to peace, from fear to love, from passion to lust, from celebration to envy.

Grab your journal and take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. List out your recent life challenges since January. Write down the challenges from all the different areas of your life (love life, family, finances, friendships, work, health, etc.).
  2. What extreme feelings have you felt in relation to these challenges? Note the highs and the lows.
  3. List out all the gifts have you received from experiencing these challenges.
  4. What are you noticing?
  5. Are you pleasantly surprised by any of your behaviours? If so, celebrate them, this is your victory of conscious evolution!!!

Our paradoxical nature is evidence of the dualistic reality we live in. The more we honor these hidden aspects of our self, the more we liberate our true nature which is the part of us that never changes. When we stabilize in that part of us that never changes, we begin to master our energy.

We are being fine-tuned, sharpened, and reconstructed into better versions of ourselves. Life will continue to humble us and bring us to our knees, while simultaneously lifting us up to expanded heights. When you get tired of the expansion/contraction dynamic in your life, look for the pause button, the safe word, the defined boundary… it’s not always evident. Sometimes it might exist in a cold plunge, a power nap, a masage, a simple “no”, or another version of self care.

There will be times when you will feel you have lost your grip and have slipped into the abyss. Like in a scene of a superhero action movie when the innocent victim falls off a cliff and is holding onto a branch for dear life. Then the branch begins to crack and the fall is imminent. Agh…the suspense can feel heart attack inducing.

Yet we all know what comes next. The branch breaks and we see the victim hurling towards their death, but just before impact a magic carpet appears, (or the guy with the flying cape), to break the fall and whisk them away into another reality.

One would think if this is what always happens, why not just enjoy the suspense, the gripping and hanging on for dear life and then enjoy the free fall towards the magic carpet ride?

When we are watching the movie, we all know the victim will magically be saved, but we still grip and fear during the falling sequence. The suspense is thrilling, we LOVE the drama!

However, when it’s our own life, we get burnt out, stressed out with adrenal fatigue and high blood pressure.

We need to nurture our nervous system from our repeating patterns in order to experience calm in such gripping circumstances. All our patterns have been well ingrained, the path is well-worn. We need to re-wire ourselves and create new habits if we want to invite new energy to flow and shift our old dynamics.

We are being given a refining moment. A time to notice the patterns that cause us discomfort and remember that we already have the solution within us, we’ve already done this a million times! What if we learned to enjoy the pattern rather than detest or resist it?

What if our free fall scrambles could be swan dives and grand displays of joy? What if the “clenching and grasping” could simpl be a strong inhale and exhale?

What if we could transmute our old stuck patterns into a love story of opposites attract?

Imagine a sexy song and dance number where a man and woman enter from opposite sides of the room and portray a love at first sight moment.  Tango music plays in the background as the lights dim and the two start to circle each other with an intense, devouring, eye gaze.

The man passionately pulls the woman close and then spins her and drops her in a gorgeous backbend arch, her head just inches from the floor. suddenly she has a rose clenched in her teeth,  and her leg perfectly formed pointed in gorgeous stilettos – the audience gasps in suspended pleasure at the sight of such perfected balance, beauty, poise and passion.

This is a good week to learn how to tango your way through your problems and get inspired. Practice your personal swan dive, your path of passion and dance your pendulum swing of polarities into unified perfection!

Are you looking for a mentor? Are you in the midst of massive life changes and are needing a witness, some guidance, or support to navigate your expanding reality?

If so, reach out and get connected. I offer 1-1 sessions, retreats, and online classes.  Tell me a little about yourself and I will help you find the best path forward given your unique circumstances and budget.

Are you looking for a mentor? Are you in the midst of massive life changes and are needing a witness, some guidance, or support to navigate your expanding reality?

On Friday at 2PM PST / 5pm EST Satya Ra Priest will be leading a free online meditation and sound bath taking place on our private Facebook group. If you would like to participate click the button below to join the Rebirth & Renewal Facebook Private Group

May you find the line between opposing forces and rest in your true united nature.

New Moon Blessings,

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