The New Moon is in Aquarius on Friday, January 24th @ 1:42 PM Pacific | 4:42 PM Eastern

It is time to stabilize your visions my friends. This new moon may offer some intense topsy turvy vibes and feelings of unrest, but with a stable positive mindset you will be able to manoeuvre through the emotional storms and unexpected changes like a powerful Jedi warrior.

Unexpected changes are a part of life – so instead of gripping in fear about “what if” devastating scenarios, see if you can focus on internal equanimity and turn your “what if’s” into positive potential outcomes. 

The energy coming through right now is pratical, tangible, and highly innovative. It’s the perfect time to get clear and take action in ALL areas of your life. 

What are your goals for 2020? Are they vague floating targets, or have you created specific goals for yourself with measurable results? 

Give yourself time to focus on grounded and practical approaches to reaching whatever desired outcomes you’d like to experience. 

Whether it’s world peace, financial abundance, unconditional love, a beautiful family, radiant health, or a new creative success – this new moon is the perfect energy for turning a new page and seeing your life from a fresh innovative perspective.

What does world peace actually feel like? How will you know when we’ve obtained it? What is financial abundance to you? Is it an actual number or a certain feeling?

With all the unstable energy bombarding us in the news, it’s easy to get thrown off your course and go into a tailspin about the state of the world. The environmental crisis, the fires ravaging our landscapes, the absurd racial inequality, the gut wrenching homeless issue, and all the other tragedies we face daily that feel like a slap in the face…These real and pressing issues need our attention, but how we give it attention is of upmost importance.

If you want to be an agent of change, it’s critical that you find your internal balance.  Become a part of the solution, rather than cause more unrest with erratic thinking with your emotional overwhelm.

When you heal your own inner turmoil, you will be bringing healing and innovative solutions to every situation you come in contact with. It’s time to transmute apathy and rage into seeds of great potential. 

Here are some questions to reflect on this week:

  1. List out your desired outcomes in every area of your life (finances, health, career, family, friends, leisure, spirituality, and love life).
  2. What is a measurable result with each outcome you want to achieve? How will you know you achieved it?
  3. What negative emotion do you find yourself entertaining most days?
  4. What negative thoughts do you give a lot of attention to? 
  5. What do you secretly wish your partner, your best friend, or family member just intuitively understood about you? 

Get clear, decisive and be direct. Check your motives, Get clear with your goals and focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want). Thought forms are extremely powerful. They create energetic resonance and spread like a virus from person to person, whether you express your thoughts or not, you are constantly broadcasting them in the astral realms.

Are you being subtle or mousy in your communication with your family, friends and colleagues? Are you hoping they just “get” what you’re wanting without clearly expressing your needs? Be aware that this will come across as passive aggressive and result in strong reactions in the coming days.

Choose positive, solution based thoughts and direct communication and you will experience miracles happen all around you. Don’t believe it’s that easy? Try it for 7 days and notice what happens. I promise you will be making the world a better place and anchoring in a new reality for everyone you interact with.

Do you want to learn how to master your energy and ground your soul mission into an innovative offering? I currently have TWO seats open for private mentorship. Interested? Send me a note in the form below and I will contact you to book a free consultation.

May your light illuminate your path!

With love,

*Photo by Drew Graham

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