Thousands of years ago, when our ancient and indigenous cultures were colonized, the teachings of our spiritual nature and dormant powers had to hide underground and various types of mystery schools were created around the world to keep this powerful wisdom contained. Every ancient culture has its own style of mystery school for mystic initiates to learn how to harness their spiritual abilities and emerge as powerful leaders in their chosen line of work.

Initiates were selected by divine inheritance. It didn’t matter your caste, creed, color, or financial status. Your spirit determines who enters a mystery school by a series of awakenings, visions, and paranormal happenings.

Initiates were brought to these schools to learn how to control, develop, and master their gifts in order to live out their divine destiny as seers, healers, medicine carriers, philosophers, writers, artists, politicians, lawyers, and community leaders.

Know The Self is a Mystery School for Modern Day Living.

Our mission is to awaken truth seekers to their divine nature and soul mission in order to make the world a more safe, just, and loving place for all sentient beings. 

If you feel you have been called to serve humanity, to wake up your dormant potential, and have a deep desire to be in right relations to all that lives, you will find yourself at home here.

Find out if the Mystery School is the right place for you.

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