I don’t know about you, but there are things I am WAY WAY WAAAAY more fearful of than catching or spreading COVID19 virus!! 

Things like GMO foods, fluoride, microwaves, 5G towers, geo-engineering, pesticides, DDT, cancer cells, STD’s, cartels, kidnapping, corporate dictatorships, mind control, gas-lighting, child trafficking, cults, fascism, police states, spyware, implants, tracking devices, HAARP, space wars, government cover ups, morgellons disease, forced vaccines, plastic everything, toxic landfill, homelessness, debilitating illness, addictions, severe poverty, hopelessness, mental illness, censorship and darkness pretending to be light… I’ve been tracking and dealing with these issues for decades.

These issues are ALL happening right now as we cower in place afraid of a new COVID/flu strain.  

There is a higher chance that we will die or severely suffer from one of the above issues before we accidentally spread and kill someone else from the COVID 19 virus! What is loud and apparent to me is that we are being coerced into wearing a mask of censorship. We are being asked to cover our mouths and obey. You may not see it like this so I invite you to take a moment to expand your awareness and use your scientific questioning to look at ALL the data, not just the data that makes you feel comfortable and liked by your peers. Our freedom of speech is disappearing at the exact same time you are forced to wear a mask?! This is not a coincidence. How come they don’t ban child porn but they have no problem silencing doctors innocently sharing their findings? Think about it.

I pray that you will stop placing all your fate in authoritarian officials who mostly manipulated, bribed their way in, or flat out stole their seats of power and start to question and come to your own truth. The serious life threatening issues I listed out above have never stopped the world from eating, traveling, having sex, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean, or choosing how we want to make a living. These are real threats and issues we have simply come to accept as a risk for being alive at this time. (If you haven’t accepted them, you may be in denial of their existence – it doesn’t mean they aren’t real!)

Let me explain where I am coming from. I lost an entire network of colleagues and friends between 1998 and 2006. These were incredible world class physicists, engineers, ET experiencers, and government whistleblowers. A handful of those I knew died suddenly just after their work went public. The rest of us were harassed, discredited, blackmailed, financially ruined, and silenced. A few more went missing or are – to this day – living in hiding. 

We were not criminals. We were an innocent, curious, law abiding group of independent innovators who synchronistically came together to share our findings in technology, ET contact, the human potential, and quantum science. We would gather for round table discussions to talk about solving planetary issues and to tap into our planetary mission and support each other’s projects. We would cross validate and share our findings via small gatherings and email.  All of us were targeted and monitored. 

This relatively small, but global network of physicists I worked with were proving zero point energy devices work. A few had filed patents on their free energy devises and had access to Tesla’s raw research, some were still on contract with the government. One member was an ex-government contractor with top secret clearance who brought to our collective the blueprints of recovered UFO’s from crash sites that he personally deconstructed and was in process of reconstructing. He shared with us some very dark plans (governmental agendas) right before he went missing.

I was 28 years old when I discovered I had a built in ability to detect the use of psychotronic devices (mind controlled bio weapons). This is how I met my meditation teacher. He happened to be a physicist developing psychotronic devices to awaken the heart chakra. Psychotronic devices can be used to increase or decrease our levels of consciousness. He would test his inventions on me as I was able to verify all micro fluctuations and frequencies he was using. We were all fascinated by this and explored consciousness experiments while meditating. We often shared our findings in various publications, primarily in Japan. 

When members of our network started dying and disappearing as their innovations gained exposure, our lives became a living nightmare. I decided to move to India to try and escape the madness that had destroyed the lives of everyone in our network. It was a scary time. I erased my online identity, lived primarily as a monk, and became an organic farmer. I have lived through multiple death threats and attempts to silence me. The intensity of the targeting forced me to live on the fringes of society, to unplug from the web and go off-grid for years – afraid to speak out. 

What I learned during all the mayhem that I endured is that the public doesn’t want to accept the truth, even when it slaps them in the face. Denial has an air of bliss about it. This plandemic is proof of that. I’m sharing this now because I’m tired of being silenced and trying to protect people from hard truths. I’ve been through a lot. I lost everyone and everything I cared for. I don’t need your sympathy, I want you to look behind the veil and see what’s going on for yourself.

We are in the midst of WW3. Look around. The whole world is on house arrest. We are only allowed rations from specific big box stores who have government contracts and approvals. We are tracked and monitored and governed by martial law. This is only the beginning. 

The USA is in a quick rush to militarize Space with a new Space Force division that uses the Star Trek symbol on their flag!  Elon Musk has free reign of littering our atmosphere as Space X shoots up thousands of satellites to provide faster internet! These satellites will monitor and patrol you with a smart grid system – supposedly for your high tech pleasures – ugh, no thanks! Do you seriously think the circles in the park are for your safety? Look up! We are being governed from the big A.I in the sky. They need you isolated so they can map, track and monitor you.

The same powers that be have posed friends and family, neighbors and co-workers against each other planting AI and human trolls on all sides of the conversation to trigger and purposely confuse and gaslight you into submission and chaos. It’s working.

I’m amazed how many people get uneasy when I say we are at war, like I am paranoid or something. But Trump says it daily. I know it doesn’t look like the bloody wars in our history books – that’s because that kind of crude violence doesn’t work anymore. We have evolved, and this is a war on your psyche – it’s invisible unless you choose to see. This is bio warfare complete with PSYOPS and artificial intelligence and interplanetary beings – everything is hidden in plain sight as proud propaganda if you care to look and know how to read insignia.

If you still think this quarantine is a kind gesture from the WHO and think Fauci and Gates have your best interest in mind…and believe that this lockdown is based on scientific facts – I would say you’re in shock and dealing with cognitive dissonance from the absurdity of what is happening.

I don’t say this to diminish your perspective. Shock is real and it happens to all of us when we are unprepared for this level of manipulation. Maybe you’re not asking the right questions and your mind is afraid of what might be happening? I encourage you to expand your perception of reality and ask the hard questions and listen deeply to the answers that arise from within you.

If you want to delete, block, unsubscribe, unfriend me, try to gaslight me, call me a nutcase, a conspiracist, or just get angry with all what I am saying, I understand. I’m used to all of this by now.  I’m an activator. I’ve been targeted my whole life since I was 6 years old when I had my first encounter with a UFO. It would be weird if you weren’t a little bit angry about what is going on right now because your rights of privacy, free speech, and democracy are disappearing as you blindly follow orders.

The next outrageous thing you will hear is that we are under alien invasion. There is an agenda in place to force us into one world government and one currency. The Cabal has been planning this for a very long time. This may sound outrageous to you if you haven’t been tracking this for years, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. They know people will only be scared when they see UFO’s in the sky, especially if they strike down with lasers. Remember the Independence Day Movie? Another drill to gauge your reaction and prepare you. They know you will gladly give up more of your rights. You will be unsure who are the good aliens and who are the bad ones (there are both btw). This will unite the people of Earth under one governance, but it’s also part of the design to keep you living in fear, dependent on big brother, and unconsciously giving up all your rights to authoritarian rule.

Extraterrestrials and star people live among us and have been on Earth since the beginning of time. I’m not telling you this to give you more reasons to live in fear. I don’t wish that on anyone. I lived in constant fear for many years as I grappled with my reality.  I worked very diligently through my victim consciousness and figured out how to take back my personal power and face down embodied demons. I trained with mystics and healers studying spiritual and indigenous science in the US, Japan and India. I was also trained via direct transmissions from intergalactic beings.  I learned how to heal myself, release my fears, and trust myself above all disinformation presented. I studied my own kundalini life force energy and studied mother nature. I ended up working alongside powerful gurus, mystics, economists, and royals. I’ve been working tirelessly to awaken consciousness and ground in higher frequencies on the planet since I can remember. I still have my vulnerabilities, but I’ve passed through many gates and initiatory realities. Initiations that are now coming down the pipe for all to move through.

Yes, I have a lot of far out stories that most of you would never believe and I have no desire to convince you of their accuracy. I’ve moved through many levels of shock and disbelief and have kept my sanity in check throughout. They purposefully attacked my community because we made a lot of discoveries. Discoveries that threatened big business and governmental control. They ruined our lives to keep us living in fear. There were times I lost faith in humanity and struggled greatly, but no matter how crazy the targeting got, I became more resilient. The pressure and struggle pushed me to activate more of my potential and transcend the fear and terror.

I share this now because you are being controlled by your fear, just like I was. How they do it is so sneaky, you don’t notice it at first. Suddenly you’ll find your world is upside down and reality starts getting really chaotic and unbelievable as you try to figure out how you got so disempowered. When hope is present you can crack the code. Like I said, this is a practice run.

It’s time to take back your power and stop blindly allowing these dark entities to feed off you. Yes, that is what they are doing, you are merely fodder for something you may have yet to grasp. There is an intergalactic war going on for control over our planet.

You are much much more than your human, ordinary experience. You have the ability to know the truth directly if you are willing and able to learn how to listen quietly and master your immortal energy.

This quarantine is actually offering us a gift. It’s a horrible package and it comes with a lot of fall out – but this is an opportunity for us to re-write our story and awaken our potential to self govern.

You have a chance to get really quiet right now, to shut out all the distractions from friends and family, from the news, from Netflix and cultural beliefs and turn inward. This is a time to focus on what really matters – to you! Find out why you were born at this time and discover what you came here to offer others. How does your energy contribute to the collective experience? 

Your life is not an accident – it was a choice your soul made to be here. You may not believe in past lives or alien races, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I surely was not raised with these beliefs, but my face to face encounters and incredible memory recall far surpassed the dogma I was taught to believe. There is much we don’t know and don’t yet have the capacity to know. Let’s be curious. Let’s be kind to each other as we grapple with the shake down of the old world.

We make small decisions ALL day long. Please get conscious about what you are choosing. 

Are you choosing to live in fear and submission? Are you choosing to attune yourself to love? 

What do you stand for?  Do your personal ethics and values guide your decisions? 

What you think, say, and do matters. Your conversations and shopping behaviors matter. You’re voting and shifting your reality with each choice you make – all day long.  

This war goes way beyond political agendas and stereotypical boxes. You are being asked to stretch beyond your wildest imagination. Take time to focus on your personal potential. The possibilities that live within you, the beauty of this planet and the mysteries of mother nature.  Let your imagination be free from the controlled narrative and authoritative mind set. 

Let yourself dream up positive new ideas and use this opportunity to be part of a solution, rather than shelter in isolation or cower in silence. Hug those you love and give yourself permission to find your own voice.

I’m tired of living in hiding, I’m tired of being silent, tired of walking on eggshells – concerned that my truth will disrupt your denial or create another target on my back. I do not expect you to agree with my perspective but I hope you will ask questions and find the truth for yourself.

If you are feeling called to fine tune your gifts and activate your mission you can check out my Mystery School here. If you wish you never read this, please delete and disregard, unsubscribe, or block at will. I am here to help people remember their celestial mission and fulfil it.

I do not wear a mask of censorship. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My life experience is not up for debate. I am not a Trump supporter, nor do I follow Q-Anon. My views were formed from direct experience. I share this for those who need to hear it and to clarify my perspective on the situation.

I pray that you stay healthy, trust yourself above others, and embody your indwelling genius. 

This is our time to consciously evolve. May all beings be free.

With love, 

Amelía Aeon Karris, author of Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny, is the Founding Director of Know The Self Mystery School where she mentors truth seekers to ground their mission in the world. For the last 25 years she has been a way-seer and trend-setter throughout her career spanning technology, fashion, entertainment, intentional community design, and spirituality. As a seer and energy channel, she tunes in with the moon cycles and Earth’s energy to give practical guidance to the collective consciousness through her bi-monthly moon blog.

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