Tonight’s full moon in Capricorn (@ 9:08pm PDT) is about defining your boundaries and staking your claim in the world.

No more hiding, no more playing small. This is the time to announce yourself. What are you here on the earth to contribute? Who or what in your life do you need to say “No” to in order to be more firmly aligned to your path? How do you sabotage yourself?
If you want support answering these questions, or simply want to experience a profound re-set to remove obstacles and get firmly on your path of purpose – join me in Mount Shasta this summer, for my Rebirth & Renewal Conscious Camping Quest. It is taking place on the next full moon (and partial lunar eclipse).

Registration is open until July 25th (or when seats fill up). This is five days and four nights of deep introspection, healing, and massive transformation with a soulful group of questers.  Click here for all the details!

This Full Moon in Capricorn is also Guru Poornima in the Hindu tradition.

Today is the day to honor your spiritual teachers, guides, and mentors. Although I have many teachers and have been on a variety of spiritual paths in my life, the three teachers who have had the strongest impact on me were these beautiful souls pictured above; A-sha Mai Yamane, Dr.Takao Yamada and Ramana Marharishi.

As a spiritual team these beings showed me how to live a high frequency lifestyle, attuned to my heart. They taught me (mostly without words) how to live in a state of joy and remembrance of my divine inheritance. I am forever grateful for these masters. Yamada-san’s ascension from this realm in 2003 sparked a profound shift in my reality which led me to the work I am doing today as he continued to guide me from the other side of the veil.​​​​​​​

A-sha’s transcendental music and resonant frequency opened my heart to a capacity I didn’t know was possible. Being in her presence, listening to her music, or having her work on my energetic field is as close as I’ve been to walking amongst angels in the flesh. Ramana’s energetic vibration ripples through time in the incredible legacy he left on the planet before his passing. 

There is so much I can say about these masters, their impact on me stretches beyond the earth’s atmosphere into the place of my soul’s origin, it goes beyond words, beyond expression into a place of deep knowing and kinship.
​​​​​​​Who are you honoring today?  Who has brought you back home to your divine self? I’d love to hear about it.

​​​​​​​Shine bright dear ones!

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