Today is the Hindu Festival of Diwali. This is the new moon where we welcome in the Goddess of abundance into every area of your home. Clean it up and keep your inner light illuminated, you will need it as we are heading into the darkest time of the year.

Today’s new moon is in Libra @ 12:12pm, and she is the great balancer. Expect the unexpected in all areas of your life… change is afoot! I know you feel it too…

What is your relationship to change? Do you like it, or do you cling to the familiar afraid of new adventures? I invite you to put on your explorer hat and allow synchronicity to guide you right now. Things are not always as they seem on the surface.

This energy settles scores, brings hurt to the surface, invites us to expand our heart (especially where it contracts) and asks us to slow down…

There are catastrophes everywhere on the planet right now, so many people are struggling with massive change. It is part of the great cleansing. When I say ‘the great cleansing’ I am not referring to any wishful thinking on behalf of a power tripper. What I am referring to is the great illumination that is offered for us to see our own shadow nature. Look inward and be the judge of yourself.

Are you wanting to be a better person? Would you like to heal those parts inside you that you have ignored and shut away because it was too painful? Or perhaps you’ve become so unconsciously programmed you have become stuck in a routine rut?

Take inventory friends. Meditate. Allow your shadow to be revealed to you. Get out in nature and allow your body to soak up the harmony of the trees. It helps relieve the stress and it will enable you to tap deeper into your own navigation system.

You can do this! As uncomfortable as it is to change. It is necessary.

This moon marks a tipping point. We are being asked to surrender the need to control our lives, and learn how to enjoy the great adventure we all came here to participate in. We are being shifted around on purpose. Try to see this cleansing as a gift (even though at first it feels like shit). It will get better, it is part of the levelling up process. 

Sending love to you and your families. May the big changes in your life bring you great joy!


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